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Sex is something that you need to constantly improve, where possible, and in General. It’s nice in the end. To begin, we note three interesting facts, of which please make me a correct conclusion.

1. In 60 percent of cases, a complete man is a much more powerful orgasm than a man with no extra fat on the body.

2. The Japanese orgasm much longer.

3. And workers of the chocolate factory sex very often.

And what the hell, you ask? And that’s what.

Hormones become out of lipids — simple lipids. Full of man hormones it’s easy: reserve a lot. But there is a flip side to the coin: full people find it difficult to reach orgasm because they get tired quickly. Two interesting fact as a hint: pigs and pandas orgasm very long, but the sex of giant pandas lasts 72 hours.

Where are the Japanese? The diet of the inhabitants of the Country of the rising sun for a decent percentage includes seafood. In which a lot of zinc. The more zinc, the more spermoplasma produces your body. So, this fluid will be more and tadpoles are more active. Yes, and the process of throwing seeds along with pleasant sensations will last. If you’re allergic to fish or shrimp enrage you — not a problem, easy on cheeses, they also have enough zinc. But if zinc is quite hard semolina to help you. And who said that the way to orgasm easy?

Chocolate contains a very useful substance phenylethylamine, which the body confuses with serotonin and terribly happy from this. Serotonin, the pleasure hormone, also began to produce for the company, apparently.

Protein foods also makes you well. You know. More about proteins here.

The second step to good sex can be considered… restraint. So, dude, daily sex isn’t always an indicator of masculinity. The penis rubbed, and sex becomes boring. Yes, and tadpoles do not have time to give birth. Content in two or three days — the ideal content.

Now fizkulturna. So, this is and therapeutic exercises. For example, Kegel exercises. Each time you urinate, try to hold urine. Happened? Again, let go, try again. And again. Now you know how to do it. Get active exercise thirty times a day, morning and evening. Every day can raise the rate of five times. This simple exercise will help you learn how to catch feelings and to endure to the bitter end.

The most common mistake in sex when you’re already on the brink, and your penis can raise the iron kettle. When the penis is too excited, it’s a bit annoying, and the brain turns off the part of sensitivity, for nefig. So, the introduction does not always happen smoothly sometimes it rests on the pubis and it can be very painful. Therefore, the ideal time for sex is when the penis is hard enough to freely log into a partner, but soft enough to feel something. If you’re too excited, you can give the erection a little sleep. Foreplay is ideal for this.

The pose… the Pose is very cool affect sex and feel with it, so choose them wisely. Regardless of your preferences of feeling you will have nicer and longer if you put a girl on the side. The pressure of her Lotus flower for your friend jade will be the strongest and the best. Also the face of a partner can distract your attention or to inspire, in any case sometimes it’s better to be selfish and to expand the girl. Well, doggie-style.

By the way, doggie-style. He has a significant disadvantage. To put it mildly — an empty space inside the girl. Some girls scare admission to air seal and compression of the walls, so they can start to «run away» from you, leaning forward. Became them closer to the wall, so there was nowhere to run.

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