How to improve this summer

manygoodtips.com_2.07.2014_PItWfBkPVmE02Many guys usually make plans for change your life for the new year, but what good can begin after a week of gluttony and drunkenness? No, the best time to start something new and change your life this summer. Why? A lot of heat, a lot rich in vitamins food, holidays and the sea, it inspires and gives strength. In short, summer is a great, fun time. And if your summer is not as fun as I would like to fix his improvement.

1. Travel

We have repeatedly written about the fact that travel is really cool and useful, and continue to insist on this. If you’ve never been abroad, try to correct this omission, although in the home country is also a lot of interesting and unknown thee.

Not necessary to buy a ticket and fly on a plane. The journey starts right outside your door, and beautiful and interesting places full of even in the next town or village.

Don’t hesitate, open the map and choose your route. Call your friends and pack your bag.

2. Teach a new skill

This may seem strange, but many adults do not know basic things, like to swim or even ride a bike. When else, if not this summer, to learn?

Since the childhood dreamed to learn to play the guitar, what the hell still lay?

There are many skills that you need in life, and some of them man it’s a shame not to be able to.

3. Get rid of bad habits

This is especially true of smokers. How many more reasons to finally quit Smoking? I want this summer was the best and remembered for a long time — lay off the cigarettes or other harmful stuff.

4. Read the classics

There are people who don’t like to read, then maybe this item is not suitable. Read but there are dudes who do not recognize the classics, considering it dull and gloomy. Perhaps the fact that we impose classical literature at school age, when thoughts are quite different and deep meaning of the work the teenager does not understand, and do not want. But, a grown dude should start reading the classics and even poetry, at least for show. And then you look and the taste will be included.

5. Restore an old friend

Once you were not inseparable, and then began to communicate less frequently, then stopped to meet and only rarely call back or communicate in social networks. Perhaps you have few common interests, he is married and has twins, he’s not just sitting in a bar with beer, as it was before. But, if he’s still your friend, it’s time to visit him and cheer.

6. You listening to me

It is not necessary to become Mother Teresa, make at least one good deed. The realization that there are people whom life has treated worse than you, will allow you to rethink and evaluate my life.

Making the lives of needy people better, you also improve your life.

7. Fall in love

Of course, this is easier said than done. But, there is nothing that will improve your summer, date, night walks and of course sex. And sex with someone is different from just sex. Well, if a serious relationship does not work, get at least a short novel. Summer is not the time to wallow in loneliness.

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