How to impress girls different types

how to impress a girl

People have a weakness: they like to be structured and divided into types. Sometimes it is good, so that helps you organize your thinking and lead the world and your own thoughts in any order. Sometimes, however, a categorical division of people into types can lead to the fact that you just cut straight from the shoulder and not notice someone’s personality-from this we immediately warn you. While too much hypocrisy — the types of people exist. Types of women exist. And let’s talk how to impress the representatives of some of them.

1. The feminine woman


She loves cute films like «My blueberry nights», she’s got a pink cover for the mobile, and she reads women’s magazines. Although this all might end: women, contrary to stereotypes, can have guy friends and play pool, and listen to serious music. In short, feminine women, not infantile fools — those to impress and makes no sense.

Often says: «Wow.»

I don’t think she will hear: «I can’t Believe Chelsea did beat Barcelona, this does not happen, where I watched their coach?!»

Will impress her: nice to her friends: ask them questions, listen to answers, buy the drinks.

2. Trudogolick


In our days almost all women work hard, provide yourself with financial independence and have certain ambitions. And men like it. However, some women place their careers so great a value that men always remain on the sidelines — if they exist at all in their lives. Reconciled that she will pay you little attention — at least at first.

Spends weekends: at home or work at work.

I don’t think she will hear: «since my childhood I know what should be my wedding.

Will impress her: enthusiastic, but not annoying talking about your work.

3. Homebody


Closer to thirty women are beginning to think about «the future», although, for example, my sister was like this most of my life. She always wanted kids, talked about boys, loved to Tinker with small kids and play school, and she can cook anything. She’ll make an excellent mother and wife. Needless to say, I will not give it into the hands of the guy who will not be kind, sweet, wealthy and will love kotofei.

Spending the weekend at agricultural fairs.

It will never meet in the sports bar.

It will impress: a date in some fancy pub, which serves, for example, a homemade cider or wine.

4. Drama-Queen

tyra banks

You probably have seen these. They go into relationships for one reason: they like to swear, but the constant presence of the man gives them for this boundless opportunities. Drama-Queen clings to the words, expressive gestures, rolls his eyes and loves to gossip.

Spends weekends: in a crowded bar, taking Twitter reporting on all the conversations.

Often says: «It’s actually pretty hardcore!!!»

Will impress her: if you keep talking when it goes beyond. Drama Queen like when someone’s holding it back and can put in place.

5. Tomboy


You also know very well. She hangs out with dudes, explaining that «the Girls, for some reason it doesn’t like», although in reality girls think (sometimes rightly so) that she flirts with dudes in them and maintains her girlish solidarity. She’s witty, funny and can easily explain to any football rule in the same sentence. Although very important) a girl with no friends is very suspicious.

Spending the weekend in the pub.

It can not be found: in yoga classes.

It will impress: banter, talk about guitar music and quotes from movies by the Coen brothers.

Of course, this very rough classification, but a starting point, we do still gave.

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