How to ignite a good fire

VogonIt was time to leave, all of which is carried out in different ways, depending on their preferences and budget. While some go to lie on the beaches, especially severe men take a tent, backpack, foam, and go into the woods, gathering noble layer of forest dirt and beard. In the woods without fire will not live, and any self-respecting bro should be able the fire kindle. Anyway, between humans and fire are inextricably linked. Life of cavemen and is built around the fire, which was their source of life, and warmed and fed and United. All this is true for forest recreation. So don’t be afraid and explore the science of kindling the right fire. Our harsh command to the rescue!

Do fireplace

First and foremost, always think about security. You don’t want to be that guy, which happen a forest fire? Unlikely. If you find the clearing with the bonfire, the better for you. If not, then you have some work to do yourself. You need to choose a place away from trees, shrubs and all flammable forest stuff. So it would be best to remove the layer of sod with a shovel or what have you, and to impose this place rocks. No cones, dry leaves and stuff.

You will need three types of fuel: tinder, kindling and the firewood.

Tinder. Every fire begins with tinder. Tinder easily ignites and burns quickly. For this purpose, a good dry leaves, bark, wood chips, dry grass and even some mushrooms. Good to have a reserve — for example, a trivial newspaper. This will protect you from unpleasant situations when in the woods all wet tinder because to light with it the fire challenge.

The incitement. Tinder, as we have seen, burns quickly, and you need something to keep the flame. For starters, large logs are not suitable, they will only extinguish your campfire small. In this case, and will be useful for kindling. Usually it is a kindling — dry twigs and small shoots of trees. Kindling should be no thicker than a pencil. In the same way as tinder, it must be dry, otherwise it will not light. If the firewood is damp, try to remove the bark with a penknife.

Actually wood. They will maintain fire and well lit. Many people think that wood is a purely logs, but they are wrong. If the wood will be too thick, they are too long to flare up. Look for the wood the thickness of a hand, is the best option.

General advice. When gathering fuel for a fire, choose something that is easy and miserably broken. Best of all is burning a dry tree. If the trees bend, it means they’re raw or green. If you try to stick them in the fire, the use of them will not be enough, but a lot of smoke. Firewood, by the way, can be raw, they must be dried on a fire. And the smoke drives away mosquitoes, so sometimes it’s even good.

Collect twice as much fuel: tinder, kindling and firewood — what you may need. You’d be surprised how quickly you get all the tinder and how much you need kindling.

Build a campfire

Here are some ways to make a fire. The most well-known and simple.

1. Smoking

the fire shelter

1. Place tinder in the middle of the campfire.

2. Floor tinder make a tent of kindling. Between the sticks needs to be the gaps required for combustion air. So your fire will get enough oxygen, and it will be convenient to inflate.

3. Around incitement to organize a hut made of wood

4. Put it under the tinder match. It should light immediately and the flame will go first for firewood, then firewood.

5. In the end, the tent will fall, and you will be just to put wood on the fire.

2. Canopy

hearth overhang

1. Stick a long stick-kindling into the ground at an angle of 30 degrees.

2. Put the tinder under the stick.

3. Around sort of tinder kindling.

4. Allocate this long stick sticks for kindling along its entire length.

5. Light the tinder and enjoy it.

3. Well

the fire pit

1. Start with a small cabin.

2. Now, put small logs around the small cabin of kindling, inside of which lies the tinder. In the house that Jack built. Deposits in the form of a well, of course.

3. Incinerate!


Extinguish the fire

So you lit the fire all you got. You made yourself something to eat, warmed — in General, did all the work. Now the fire must be extinguished. It’s too difficult.

Start early. To extinguish the fire is longer than you think. Think in advance how you will to go to sleep, you should begin 20 minutes before.

Lay water little by little. For security purposes, near the fire it is better to have a bucket of water. When the time comes to leave, it will be the final touch in extinguishing the fire. Do not just pour water on the fire. So this place will be problematic to build a fire in the morning. Instead, slowly pour in the fire water until you smother the coal.

Stir up the fire. When you pour a little water on the coals, scatter them with a long stick. So you can see that ash is also a raw and the fire won’t be able to flare up again. If the coal still smoke, fields a little more. When disappear in smoke and a slight crackle, it means that you practically put out the fire.

Touch of coal. Never put hands in the ashes, Hey! So it is possible shes getting burned. It is better to gently touch the coal back of his hand. If they’re hot, they cannot keep it, so, again, pour a little water and stir the ashes with a stick. When the coals cooled, you can calm down.

Scattered ash. Think of those who come to this place after you. Much more convenient if the fire will not ash — so it will be easier to breed a new fire. And ash is a natural fertilizer, so you’re good deed done for the forest.

Return to the place of turf. So, if you yourself did fire, it’s a good option to bring the turf back where you took it. We will protect nature.

All boys have their secrets of fire. If you have something to share is welcome in the comments. And we know how to make fire without matches.

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