How to hook your summary

manygoodtips.com_15.09.2015_DYTowpfVu75NZNow, when a lot of unemployed people and employers, find a good job difficult. Need to impress your potential host. Including using excellent summary. And here’s the nuances that need to be considered before you undertake it.

Exaggerate, but don’t lie

The secret sooner or later becomes apparent. It’s one thing when you said your English is not «average» as it is, and on the level of «professional literature». It’s another when you attribute his various exploits like the rescue of drowning and willingness to work seven days a week. Even worse, when you write in summary that never could. Can not work in «1C» – don’t tell. Don’t know the basics of electroresistance – not to show off. Will check on the matter and here is the end of the outbreak career.

Don’t underestimate the numbers

Magic numbers summary plays important role. If you worked at every work place not more than a month, it instills a doubt: what if you’re careless, like Sasha grey? So be careful. And it is highly desirable to reinforce the numbers justification. For example: «In my submission, there were 20 people,» is boring. And the point? What were you doing there? Worked or boasted around the clock, who as the women were? But if you write that during his leadership of the gang indicators of the division has improved, the employer looks at your resume, not as a stand for coffee, and as a ray of light in the darkness.

Links reasonable

All those links that you attach to the summary, as ridiculous as citizenship Fred Durst for Russia. No one will climb to score, what is so interesting you used to be. Usually watch them at later stages. Stuck them right and left without need. But if you have something to say – write.

«Foreigners will help us!»

The thing seems to have understood, but once again to recall. If you have the experience of doing business abroad, consider yourself lucky. But if the achievements are much more modest, and you only studied abroad or worked as a waiter – in General, was forced to have close contact with representatives of another culture – be sure it’s prefilled. In large companies (not to be confused with state institutions) is especially appreciated.


Watch what you write. And suddenly, your employer will be some «grammar-nazi»? And you’re in the word «ass» make 7 errors. Use text editors, a variety of programs to bring your resume into shape. Let mommy check in the end! And try to build words in the correct sequence to be able to understand the essence of the content. Inversion – the fate of Master Yoda. You write well and clearly. And many are illiterate, they work on the street mainly.

Do not diverge

If a summary is a essay of your life, then I pity you, draw to live? Therefore it is not necessary to fill it with plenty of information, much of which is absolutely useless. Your grades in school and University activities is of little interest to the employer. Even more it infuriates the specialists of the HR Department, who select the summary and give them leadership. They will simply be too lazy to read. So photos of their own achievements cast. Your potential superiors many other cares, except how to read ode to thy name, written by you.

Without getting bored

But worse than the saturated, boring summary. This does not mean that the avatar need to put the infamous face of Ronald McDonald, Dzhigurda and other clowns. Try to make the content easy and interesting. But without familiarity and jokes in the style of Jimmy Carr, not understand.

Without any emphasis on the student years

Nobody cares what you studied in College. And the more time passes from the date of expiry, the lower the probability that even though someone might be interested in. Even if it’s the best years. So about participation in KVN and scientific publications can not write. Better about work achievements. Well, if you finished, can enter achievements, but don’t overdo it.

Not shy of his former

Work, of course, work. Even if you were selling persimmons at the market, cleaned toilets, hauled sand bags and worked in the «McDonald’s». First, it is an experience. Second, it shows your good side: you’re not shy of any work and not sitting idle. A boss like that. By the way, many regard work in the pizzeria and the distribution of flyers as the sales experience, so remember this.

Competent execution

Don’t do large blocks of unreadable text. There is only one person who ponders on every line written by you, is your teacher Russian language. The employer is such, alas, is not engaged.

Don’t forget about volunteer work

This list is especially useful for those who want to infiltrate the state institutions. And not only.

Some employers think that experience is indicative, that, well, you are active, sociable and responsible (and don’t care what you went there to be a volunteer just to close the session). If volunteer activities were able to communicate with foreigners, be sure to specify this.


We all write summary template. But templates a lot, not for every specialty. So pick up the template correctly, and that everything written will look ridiculous.


Most employers are unaware of the existence of the PDF format. In addition, they know that this format is much easier to read. Fonts are not confused, everything is clear and understandable. So send your CV to 3 gay characters, and then the probability that it will be read will increase.


Key words play the role of cheerful for your summary, which is frozen in the ocean of demand. Because of those words that has a chance to stand out from the others. Ask, what is it? Keywords are special terms, slang words, acronyms or buzzwords or industry of a professional nature. For example, industry certifications, positions and the like. An indispensable element summary in our electrified age. Key words used as search terms to narrow the pool of candidates for a certain position. So, scoring some of the terms, there is a chance that first to get your piece of paper.

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