How to hint to a friend to pump up buttocks

Hello, dear editors! Thank you for your work, you are very helpful) I Have a question. Not long ago I met a girl who fits me like no other. I’m happy with her and the sex was mega cool) But there are always stupid but I’m a big fan of steep buttocks. Do not tell me how to direct my friend to pump up your buttocks, I would be very grateful)


I remembered a saying that the best the enemy of the good. So the person is arranged, like all good, but no, we need better. Striving for perfection is commendable, the important thing is not to overdo it, otherwise you can lose everything. But rather to philosophize, to answer questions.

There are several ways the right approach to a woman, because women are all different.

Depending on what character your girlfriend is and how long you and her been together, you can choose your right approach. In this case the girl’s appearance, and therefore even adequate girlfriend can flare up if you start wrong topic. Damn, why are women so complicated?

So, if your friend with humor in General, not against sometimes to give a crude joke, can she just say: «Trudge with cool ass. And I dare you to pump your bread?» You will laugh at it in the same form can say about your dick, and then still take up work on his ass.

You can simply say something pleasant, for example: «Babe (or whatever you call it), I like your ass, I’m afraid that it has not lost its beauty and elasticity, may be doing a few special exercises to keep in shape?». Can offer pump ass together. Women love men’s Asses are not less than women’s.

Another option. If she drags you shopping, take advantage of it in their favor. For example, when she tries on a pair of jeans and asks you for advice, tell her something like, «These jeans are more suitable for girls with a big booty, and your they are flattened» (this advice can be given and regarding dresses or skirts). To say anything else is not necessary. Women are not dogs to train them don’t. They understand all of the hints.

In General, even if she slightly purses her lips at your comment, it is still wound on your non-existent us your hints, and likely to take them into account. Another thing is whether the girl herself to change. Perhaps she did not want to be the owner of a distinctive ass. In the end, on the ass staring all men and not all girls like it so much. The same can be said about Breasts. Some go under the knife to make men crazy with their huge Tits. Others are happy that they have a small neat Breasts, and they are not going to increase whether you like it or not.

The sad truth is that not all Asses can be pumped up to the desired result. If the nature of the ass is flat, then the maximum what can be achieved when your friend is to make buttocks firmer, but the volume and roundness, then harder.

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