How to hint to a friend that she was getting fat

Kate UptonThis is the sad truth, dude: a friend gain a few pounds after starting a serious relationship. Why are they so constituted that think after they got the stability, and you can relax. Oh no, for what? She really believes that if all night eating pizza and watching «Game of thrones» together with you, a couple of Pilates — and everything is in order. Although it is also possible to understand difficult and not very pleasant to go somewhere to eat and settle for a stupid salad, while your other half shamelessly devours a hefty Burger. And by the way, need a lot of will power or vegetarianism, to resist and not to break, because then, of course, regret: recently my friend was in «McDuck» and found that the big tasty is 850 calories! If I then in a rush to practice, then she would be depressed if I still ate it. But I digress. When you are in a couple, your life changes to adjust to the routine of partner — and often for the sake of sacrifice or diet or exercise.

After such deductions even do not dare to accuse your girlfriend that she has thrown fitness, since how you have changed marital status Vkontakte. Especially scary when you workout threw it alone, and you continue to sweat in the gym three times a week. It’s a real meal — watch your girl consumes tons of food and gradually becomes similar to Adele. She sings well, but for God’s sake, she’s fat! So you need something to do. To begin with — to pay attention to your girly that she had lost control of himself. But it should be done as carefully and delicately, otherwise not escape trouble.

Before you start your attack, look in the mirror. You still place cubes? Or they’ve already disappeared under a layer of sleepless nights watching TV series and missed workouts, under a layer of a hangover and the joint lying on the bed on Sunday morning? There’s a chance that if you’ve gained a few pounds, she noticed it and resigned. Why? Because she loves you (well, that’s love), and the expression «love is blind» is true to this day. So if things go, then just tell her you want to lose weight and start to lose weight. So you give her a kick in the ass and she will begin to lose weight together with you.

If you stay in shape, and your friend built up the sides, there is already quite another matter. It is clear that you care about her, because otherwise you wouldn’t be together and you wouldn’t have read the post before this place. If you think she does not notice that have recovered, you are mistaken. Some skinny girlfriends do that endlessly repeated what they thick. These ladies really annoying. Women who get fat, by contrast, rarely talking about her figure. Your friend any notice that is thicker than before, but she also knows that complaining about it — not sexy. She pretends like everything is fine, and only complains to her girlfriends when you’re not around.

Trust me, she understands. And she doesn’t have the extra time to point that out. She will really appreciate is when you will lead a more healthy lifestyle. Let me explain.

Take her with you to the gym

The best way to have a slim girlfriend — together get off the couch and live an active life. Get together fitness, or just let her join your training. Why the West is so popular clubs alcoholics anonymous? They are effective due to the fact that people with the same problems motivate each other to get rid of their common flaws. It is much harder to change when someone just looks at you and waits for the result. Look at this as a new stage of relations — club anonymous fat. «It seems to me that I didn’t fully develop in training. I would be pleased if you’d come with me: I would have tried harder. Wanna join?» So you can apply the theme. She’ll understand that you need emotional closeness with her. And she, of course, a hundred times, it will deliberate and come to the conclusion that you would not mind if she lost weight. And appreciate your sensitivity. The main thing to start — it will be included in the excitement. And let him come in, so more likely not to skip a workout. Even if you are in different parts of the room and barely see each other, you will catch up later — during sex after a shower.

Eat better

In refrigerators of all my bro is usually observed the same set: beer, sodas, processed foods like ravioli. Or they don’t eat at home and eat on the way back and forth. The more often your girlfriend hanging out at your house, the more she eats this stuff. Tell her you would like to eat better and you need her help. Notice something? And then you ask for help. She likes to be needed. This is a very female trait. More often, ask her for help. And then your refrigerator will appear and vegetable soup, vegetable salad — much easier not to get fat, if not lose weight.

New way spend time together

When you spend time together and remain each other to spend the night, you usually eat, drink, order some food home and watch a movie. Continue in the same spirit, and receive the same Adele. Come up with something new. You can bike ride, walk. You don’t just lose weight, but also pozagorat.

Plan a beach vacation

Choose the tour carefully and with soul, buy the tickets and mark this date in your calendar. The approaching summer vacation will inspire her to lose weight — and, moreover, quickly. It is also a female trait. Don’t utter, praise it, say that I can’t wait for the time when she would flaunt in front of you in a swimsuit.

Good luck, man! But remember: if everything goes wrong and she will continue to eat, soon you’ll be Dating with girloy, sick with diabetes and suffering from obesity. Or run, or beating the drum!

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