How to hide the shotgun in crutch?


What are the only ways you didn’t Rob some banks individuals, although from pulp fiction we all know that the best way to Rob cafes and restaurants, making sure if there was Samuel L. Jackson.

56-year-old disabled from Greece robbed the Bank with a shotgun, which was cleverly disguised as a crutch. The first time dude to Rob a Bank could not, because the cashier did not have money, but our hero was not discouraged and went to another Bank. Fortunately, the money was there, and disabled, by threatening employees with a shotgun, took 12 thousand euros.

The suspect who was a local Baker, was arrested rather quickly. Disabled many know, Greece is not so big country. It turned out that the Baker deep in debt-the economic crisis and has not invented anything the best how to Rob a Bank. It’s amazing how it all turned out: to hide the shotgun in crutch? It will remain a mystery.

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