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manygoodtips.com_22.09.2014_DVPresPZDSts9Scientists have spent a lot of time to research and prove his theory, told the world that premature ejaculation occurs in each third husband. But few of our men the editor, this fact does not bother, because we know precisely how not to fall into the three bad players and share this knowledge with you.

1. Orgasm is not the main purpose

For some, sex is meant exclusively achieve orgasm. For the sake of all the hustle and afoot. We become too hasty, in a hurry to achieve this blissful state. And here is our urchin-the quick draw is the same: two or three minutes, and teeth to the wall.

But the best of us know about what this pleasure — to give pleasure.

Do not neglect the preliminaries. You may not need, but all sorts of polls, research and practical experience suggests that women are an integral part of such thing as quality sex.

And the prelude should understand not only what happens to you in bed, but any other actions that can significantly enhance sexual desire: massage, kissing, dirty talk, role play – let dust in the eyes! Even if you mess up again and there will be a false start, 15-20 minutes of foreplay can smooth out this unpleasant situation.

2. It’s not Masturbation. It is a workout!

Then there is a point of joy that will make all smile with relief Masturbation.

The sexologists claim that regardless of age men and the rhythm of his sex life, Masturbation should be treated as training to improve their capabilities.

And men who do not have regular sexual relations, if any, happen only once a week or less, you need to constantly ensure that regular ejaculation.

That is, even to everyday life Masturbation should be approached with the mind: your goal is to delay ejaculation up to 30-40 min. Next, the quote from «Sexology». Kon:

«These activities need to be done every second day, gradually increasing the complexity of these exercises. Training for endurance is to begin prior to sexual activity, to prepare yourself for sex, they are considered the mainstay of treatment of premature ejaculation».

3. The method of «seven and nine»

Another great method that allows men to keep face, and women to have fun. As soon as I put the lady of his heart in a horizontal position, proceed to the development of the method of «7 & 9»: 7 times fast and powerful strokes and nine slow and calm.

4. The method of «nine point one»

It’s not entertaining lessons of algebra, and another exercise in self-control. You can thank me later. Therefore, you analogy with the previous proposal need to alternate deep and shallow thrusts.

9 shallow and 1 deep push is the best combination, both partners get the best experience. Women first feel their teasing, but then find that this method gives them a lot of fun.

All aftershocks produced at different speeds, intensities, add shades and nuances to the overall picture, and their diversity gives a man the ability to control ejaculation and maintain a solid member throughout sexual intercourse.

5. The method of compression

Start the sexual act in a normal mode and when you feel that things are bad, rather, the opposite, slightly squeeze member in the head for a few seconds until the urge to ejaculate disappears.

After about 30 seconds, prolong sexual intercourse. Repeat the process as necessary until, until you’re ready to finish. The aim of this methodology is to achieve climax, increasing the level of stimulation.

6. A healthy lifestyle

Without the high quality of your existence, you will never find success in any area of your life. Must therefore exercise. Paying for training time, only cardio and strength exercises and neglecting exercises for the core muscles, you deprive yourself of the chance to be a member of a sex marathon, as well-designed case will provide you better performance, aesthetic appearance and high quality of sex.

About failure after hangover you probably know firsthand, and poor nutrition impairs blood flow and causes erection problems. A hearty meal before sex lowers the level of testosterone eat at least an hour.

7. Breathe

There is a proven link between deep breathing and the ability to control ejaculation. Most men suffering from premature ejaculation, breathing too short and often.

Try during sex to pay attention to the breath. If you learn to control it, you will feel increased duration of sexual intercourse.

8. Go to the drugstore

Well, the classic way — to stop being nervous and use a special tool invented by science for the likes of you. Use condoms with a special anaesthetic lubricant.

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