How to have sex with a stripper

manygoodtips.com_10.06.2014_BhXysQQCGLu3LThis topic is incredibly popular, and it rants any man who believes that you can learn something. I don’t know what everyone is so interesting a Striptease? To me this is not very close, but it so happened that three weeks ago brought me there. How? And went in company with his Bros, they wanted to have fun (my friend came with me, she was very interesting — and this night was wow what a profit). So, one of the dudes that are no more than yesterday slept with a hot stripper we saw in the club, and have even developed a whole science, how to make.

Because the dude is my friend, he did not play Superman and pretend that everything was easy and simple. He was preparing! He read all the tips on what is not good, and in the end he decided to improvise. Help! And it is so kind of you to share her sacred knowledge.

Things to remember

You should look decent. My dude’s in good shape and knows how to dress, so there’s nothing to complain about. If things were different, I don’t know what could have happened. Think about it: strippers look amazing. They earn money, demonstrating his perfect body, so they probably have high standards regarding appearance — both his and yours. Reasonable, right? So don’t be a slob, if hoping.

You must have a plausible and interesting reason why you were in such a place. Because the man was in the company, which have been a girl, he said it was the chef brought us there and we had no choice.

Do not look for prey at the club where you’ve already seen. If you remember, to them you’re just one of the money bags, and no one is sleeping. And it is not necessary to make several attempts in a strange place! If the first time you missed a chance, is the second time he will come up to you again. Well, this is a purely theoretical reflections.

Strippers do not differ from all other women. I wrote «almost» because they strip for money and often deal with Horny Fuckers. Is that for steep and medium clubs. And if the property is already quite low grade and there may even strippers and sleeping with clients (by their will or against it) — and the customers are different degrees of nastiness. Here from stay away. In the cool strip clubs girls are still much better.

The above facts — the truth, it will help you emotionally, and sexually. So, if she’s a stripper doesn’t mean that she’s good in bed. So remember: it’s almost normal!

Very important note: considering all the previous points, you need not behave like all the other guys who visit such places.


It is very important to choose the right time. My friend struck up an acquaintance on Thursday. On the weekends don’t count: these days the girls are to earn more, and for them it does not matter how good you are. She will want from you only money.

For a girl to pay attention

This is another fundamental question. You need to find the youngest of them, which the least experience. The more experience, the less likely that they perceive the client as a potential partner — they just start to squeeze the money from all the visitors. Only do not ask in the open! If you ask, they answer: «I started working here last week», and this unanimity personally, I can’t believe it. Bartenders, DJs and bouncers can shed on this mystery more light.

Do not ask questions too directly, just pretend that this is such a random conversation. Between times you can ask, gesturing to the girls: «And how long have they been doing this?» or «They work here or come here for quick money, and then just as quickly disappear?» You will answer something like: «Well, these two have been with us for a year, and that girl is just a couple of weeks.»

As soon as you heard it, sosredotochena attention to her. Hunt began.

How to approach

And again: remember, remember always that it works. She came to get money, so do not take rejection as an insult.

If she comes to you and say, «How about a dance?», no need to be disrespectful and say something like: «And I will dance?» So will not go. If it is depicted on the face the semblance of a smile and laugh — she just behaves like a professional. After such hijinks it will not take you seriously.

The best thing you can do is say no and offer her a drink. Remember: you’re not a frequenter of strip clubs, made you do this your boss. This will give you time to talk with her and earn some points.

Lure her into our network

I have already said strippers almost like ordinary women, so to win them it is necessary with conventional techniques. Don’t ask her about the tricks of the strip and half of the dens, about her work, she has sex with clients about all the other shit you never asked the usual friends.

Keep it simple and emotional, show that see her as a person and appreciate it. Ask her about her normal life, what she does in her free time what she likes, what she seeks, etc.

Many strippers have a sad fate (I had a couple of friends), avoid the depressing topics and talk about something more optimistic.

Talk to her like any other woman. It is not necessary to do compliments her appearance, praise her better traits or Hobbies and try to spend more time with her during the evening.

Her time

I worked my ass off, proving that she almost ordinary woman. What is the difference? She is now at work and she needed to earn money. Of course, she is paid a salary, but he is infinitely small, most of the earnings is for private dances and tips.

Whatever you are, was it cool while she sits and talks to you, she loses money. To buy drinks cool and gentlemanly, but if it goes, she wants to squeeze you into a dance-another, and you will remain in the same position as all other dudes.

Here it is necessary to try. First of all, you never go to strip clubs and you don’t need lap dances. It is not necessary to go into details; don’t say I didn’t want to pay; don’t say it’s demeaning any of it. Just don’t pay her. Don’t give her money. Be humble, say, «I don’t think it’s a good idea.»

As soon as your hand reach for my wallet to pay for the dance, the carriage will turn into a pumpkin and you have an ordinary client. If you want to spend more time with her, let your friends buy you a dance.

These girls are easy to talk about sex, it can take you literally a few words. If it comes to this, immediately change the subject!

Be a good person. When she tries to squeeze money out of you by the phrases that she needs to earn, not against, immediately agreed to this. Tell me what you don’t want it crazy to waste his time: let him go out to those dudes, and when she gets a spare minute, let her come to you, and you again buy her a drink. This will tell her that you’re not one of those lustful owners with whom strippers never date: you know how it works, and I don’t want you it was a waste of time and money.

Quite often, especially if they’ve earned enough, they prefer to talk to you, not to squeeze money out of customers.

If you really think your tricks are working (hard to understand, because it’s her job), then you can give up and agree to dance. Tell her when she finishes processing all the other dudes. Buy her another drink and let her dance for you.


If you did everything correctly, it should be convinced that you’re not like the ordinary visitor of the strip club. She likes you not because of soy work, and his personality, intellect — not body! You don’t mind what she does for a living. You respect women in General and strippers in particular, and do not go to these institutions.

If you managed to show all this, she will probably give you my number. Here is where we encounter a problem (many female strippers do not give their numbers to customers, because it can be regarded as prostitution) — tell her to read a room or somewhere to record. This is the result!


Contrary to popular belief, the first night you are unlikely to be having sex. The best thing you can do is treat her like any other girl. As soon as you see her outside of a strip club, immediately forget that she’s a stripper.

When you get out of your system, you’re going to treat her like any other girl. You can get her to drink any other place (not a strip club) and to be a nice guy.

If she’s really busy (works six nights a week), you will have to visit her at work. Never come there again, until they met with her outside of her work at least once. As soon as you two go out together, you will be her boyfriend, with whom she went on a date. So she will understand that you came to the school to see her, and not for the girls ‘ naked bodies.

Don’t ever come back earlier than one hour before closure: at this time, people are absorbed, and it leaves more time for you. Before closing only an hour — about a half-hour communication. Of course, it is not enough, she is going to miss you and want to see again or to go somewhere with you after work.

Now you can ask her yourself: she will be disposed to agree, and it’s already morning where to go?

As did my man? He walked into the club, took her out, visited her at work a couple of times — and he got his. It turned out as regular girls: sex on the third date.

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