How to harness social networks to start to benefit

How nice when your post in social networks, like your page, plentifully moisten with a damp huskies. Straight life goal is to get as many likes, very manly.

We hide behind a veil of «online», turn into a passive dull fools, no present and, as usual, without a future. You see the content, but stop paying attention to life. And the most ridiculous build around themselves an emotional wall, beyond which they can’t get out, and become hostage to their own complexes, which broke out thanks to the magic of social networks. You can feel safe, but in reality, you only exacerbate the situation.


There are plenty of reasons to go into Internet seclusion. Someone is tempting the breakup, someone in total isolation, someone basic idleness. It’s like drugs — you are immersed in them, to avoid problems, and over time they absorb you. You turn into an animal, which was exactly one — the ability to scroll the mouse wheel.

But someone clever, out of the corner necessarily tyavknut on the fact that without social networking, not because they play a huge role in modern life. Well what can I say, this fellow is absolutely right — through social networks even money you can earn. Besides, who would not say that is the most convenient way of communication today. So the question arises: how to survive middle, in order not to sink in the voluntary autism and to be in trend. Three simple rules that, incidentally, is very good for the discipline. So if your social life and mental state is all right, but lack the discipline, spend a few minutes and a week of practice to learn this technique.

No one will dilute your silence and seclusion

Of course, no one is interested in you as you. There are very few people that will interrupt your seclusion a sincere desire to help you and to find out what happened. You can make an experiment: to hell with the radar indefinitely. First, who’s gonna miss you, boss, wondering what the hell you don’t go to work. Other duty will ask questions and begin to share their problems when you don’t even finish my story. Therefore, do not place sentimental statuses and clog the tape wet with the revelations of high school.

Limit time spent in the online underground


Limit time online a very positive effect on health. Disappear a bad nervous habit to constantly look at my phone to check messages, and stay up until 6 am studying the details of the Budapest uprising. From the outside it resembles a huge funnel which sucks in everything from biographies of porn actress until the recent events in the life of his ex. But the most important is the number of messages they give birth it is necessary for a person the feeling of being needed. But when there are no messages at all, causing some apathy, and at one moment, you already feel useless and fall into a passive depression.

This implies one simple truth: less lurky — be healthier. Otoci yourself from harmful habits to shape the mood of the sent messages.

Think of a graph which stick to

It sounds a little weird, but if you post your notes in VK, Instagram and other social networks, you can learn discipline in social networks. This commitment to disciplinary and gradually pushes bezvylazno sit in an unreal reality. It’s like a job: when your favorite things are amenable to discipline, they cease to be like.

Strangely enough, this method primarily gives confidence, and if you have confidence, you don’t need anything more.

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