How to haggle buying a car with it

to buy a used car

We recently wrote a manual on how to buy a car with it. We tried very hard to make it complete, and the only aspect it lacks is the instructions on how to haggle. We think that this topic deserves a separate post, which we saved for today.

Start from the beginning: to bargain I don’t know how. Especially hard to do business with when making a big purchase, such as a car. But there is a reason to learn! Because we have a lot of life, and the trade will come again and again. So I gathered a Council of dudes and asked them to teach me the ins and outs. Now I teach you.

Knowledge is power

In this game knowledge really means power. And when you’re buying a car, knowledge is not on your side: the seller always knows more about the product to the buyer. Think about it. Once a buyer meets a dealer, he tells him what kind of car he wants, how much to pay, what features is his main priority.

But the seller tells the buyer little useful information. The dealer is not saying what price he bought the car, what is the Commission, how much time she spent in the Parking lot.

And who fashioned business more profitable? Of course, the dealer. He has more information.

For this reason, to less to pay for the car, you need to do two things. First, do not reveal all the cards before the dealer is not telling how much you can pay. Secondly, find about the car as much information as possible before going to the dealership.

Find out how dealers make money

When you talk with a dealer, it is important to know that they earn money for each customer in three different ways.

1. They make the machine cheat by selling it more expensive than bought for yourself.

2. They can give you different difference like guarantee and additional dealer Goodies type anti-corrosion coating.

3. When they take the car on the implementation, they charge a Commission and those who donate these cars.

The majority of buyers takes into account only the first paragraph. However, car dealers can earn even more in the following two paragraphs. Therefore when you start to look at a used car, take into account all three factors, of which formed its price.

Start to inquire the price

Buy a car older than two years. Why two years? Well, they’re new enough to keep a good view, and they do not have time to fail as it should. More importantly, after two years, the price of the car reduced to half of the original cost. Profitable!

Read the reviews about the car online. This is a very useful thing. It is clear that advertising will not tell you the whole truth, and only show the goods. And the reviews will tell you the truth about the pros and cons; what damage can be expected over time; what service centers in your city and all that jazz. Important information by which you can make a list of the desired cars.

Look at the statistics. When you’ve made a list of the desired cars, it would be nice to apply to the full picture. Look at what cars are in principle more likely to buy, their life expectancy and durability. The average value also can be viewed: then you’ll be prepared and able to understand, not whether the seller is trying to deceive you. Your goal is to get the car as close to the purchase price. However, it is not necessary to understand the numbers too literally. They only reflect General trends in the market.

Geography. Look at the average price of this car in your area. Needless to say, that in the far East, Toyota will be cheaper than in the Kuban.

Think over a strategy. Now, do you know how much should cost desired machine and what is its average characteristics. Time to bring the concept to life. Come, formulating in my head the desired amount. If the dealer won’t agree, you don’t have to buy anything. Remember: it is important to really look at things and don’t lower the price below nowhere. If you came into the salon together, agree on a strategy of behavior. If one starts to go, then the second also starts to go. Among you there should be no weak link!

Start bidding. Most dealers winds on old cars about 20% of the cost. This means that they will demand you 20% more than they paid themselves. So offer him a price 15% less than it offers you. Don’t be shy to say what you know about 20% cheating and not willing to pay so much.

And then the mouth of the castle. Just watch him and wait what he has to say. Don’t let him open you mouth so he will understand that you are not confident you can crush.

Maybe he will hang you noodles on the ears: «Our lower price retailers, it is very beneficial.» The answer is that you are not interested retailers price, but the price paid by the dealer, very interested in.

This may offend the seller. He can call the Manager. Remember: he will pretend that you are robbing him and he is doing everything possible to bring the price down. Don’t let guilt to take over themselves. It’s a business. You want to buy a car and he wants to sell it. If he doesn’t like your offer, he does not accept. Nobody hurts nobody.

Notice all the details that can complicate the sale of this car. Dealers will always present them in the best light. But you’re savvy! The faults in the transmission? No CD player? Broken seat? Just say: «because Of this, the car will be difficult to sell, but I’ll buy it for rubles right now».

If the seller will name the price and beat it by ten percent. If he raise, tell him it’s time for you to go to another center to watch is exactly the same car and go to the door. Before you go away, leave him your phone number in case he changes his mind. Maybe he’ll call. Benefit — a benefit, even if very small.

Don’t take an additional HQ. If you buy a used car from a dealer, it will try to impose on you any service. Just say no. If you need corrosion-resistant coating, you can do it cheaper elsewhere.

Get ready to leave. During any bargaining be ready to go. Be flexible in your choice and don’t dwell on one single machine. Remember: they are as many fish in the sea.

Are there any other tips? Share them with us in the comments.

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