How to guard against pickpocket

On Mars there is a saying: «an Uninvited guest is worse Gagarin». And uninvited, or rather, uninvited hands in your pockets is the worst of the worst. There is nothing more disgusting than walking with a lady, to be face to face with a polite guy, and he came to the restaurant to find that you’ve lost your wallet. What we say in such cases? Sucker! But nobody is immune to it. Neither Spider-Man nor the Black Cloak, not even the captain Pronin has not eradicated crime. And since the police with superheroes there is no hope, we will be saved from pickpockets on their own.

There is a set of rules. After all, pickpocketing, by and large, is an art. Filigree art. At the time, shchipachev were considered the elite of the criminal world. Don’t need much intelligence to intimidate the victim in the alley or to pull out a bag from hands of a passer-by. Therefore, the robber and the appropriate attitude, and a contemptuous nickname is «Gopnik». To steal from a pocket or hand Luggage in front of strangers, unnoticed, requires great skill, comparable to talent. The detention of the offender and the proof requires no less talent.

But in life, pickpockets often not as charismatic as, for example, a Brick from «the meeting Place cannot be changed». Everything is much more banal. Do not give criminal elements preying on itself. Defend ourselves as best we can!

What is a modern computer


It is difficult to identify the thief in the colorful bustling of the crowd, because there is some demographic and ethnic division. Thieves come in all ages, of all nationalities and faiths. Remember, grandma told you: «Beware of Gypsies». All true, but not only people from the camps can clean out your pockets, with all due respect to a talented and worthy representatives of this ancient people. Moreover, among the pickpockets meet and ladies. Rarely, but there are. According to police experience, about 88% of pickpockets are men aged 30 to 49 years. All of them can be divided into several groups, depending on how the thief commits a theft.

The first group is the «silmaci or marafetik». As a cover (the screen) they use the robe, which is held at the ready hand. The screen can be a newspaper, a folder, a package and everything that might conceal the theft. My comp screen as if covering a bag or a pocket of a potential victim and quietly on the prowl in search of profit. At the same time, so as not to look suspicious, he will be hard to gesticulate or talk to anyone.

The second group – the «shakers». They work in transport and in places of a congestion of people. The main weapon of the shaker – skill. It needs to approach the victim and try to push it successfully to the purse he jumped out of his pocket.

The third group of thieves – «washers», they’re «hacks». Thief-the washer will cut your bag or briefcase. No, not into small pieces, and making a fine incision, through which all content goes they hand. They always work in groups. As working tools workers use pocket knives and scalpels. The incision is made on the side or bottom of the bag. Do not fall victim to a washer, buy bags from sturdy thick leather and with a double bottom.

And finally, the last group is the «shchipachev». This is the most common type of pickpockets. Shchipachev always work in a group, and use manual dexterity and the ability to speak, to distract the victim. One or two members of the team will distract the victim while an accomplice with a deft movement of his hands pulls your things. So if you see a suspicious group of people trying to distract you, be alert: watch your pockets and watch, bag forward. If the muzzle is just too suspicious, better not respond by saying something like: «I’m in a hurry».

Pickpockets actively in the youth, despite the fact that the majority of them are Mature men. Probably squeeze bag when public transport comes to a beggar. And they are right. Often it happens that even if no one filed a penny, he still comes out with the loot. How? A complete and absolute fraud. By the way, in Europe quite often, especially among immigrants, encountered pickpockets with honest children’s eyes, but not for years developed fingers. Their main guise of childlike innocence. But bear in mind that the rug rats you will not regret it. Then why feel sorry for them? Maybe they believe the propaganda of the state Department and consider you a major threat to their country? So all the methods of struggle.

Pickpockets usually well-dressed. Although the majority of the comp is ragged, tattered street urchin. But the thieves – people are not stupid. The reality is that most pickpockets are very takes care of himself and looks like an ordinary decent people. Dressed to the nines, but neat, nice and clean. For our money with you. After all, you are unlikely to be allowed close to a filthy, exuding aromas of unwashed Granny rags. So they are in harmony with the surrounding crowd. Clothing for them is camouflage, which allows you to get to you as close as possible without arousing suspicion.

Habitats and methods of theft


The pickpocket can be found everywhere, in all parts of the city. And any city. Even on the Eiffel tower while you admire the beauty of the old capital, intelligent Nicolas politely will empty your bag. By the way, in places where tourists thefts happen regularly. Attractions are great to distract the attention of sightseers.

By the way, when you arrive at the hotel, be careful. While you’re busy settling in, crowding the lobby with their suitcases 43, some of them may disappear.

But we can see the all-seeing eye on the more popular places. For example, for public transport. Stuffed in a bus, like sprats in a tin, the passengers in two minutes you stop paying attention to the hustling and elsadig all limbs of people, are the perfect target. So in that tiny crush nothing easier than getting all the most valuable. So don’t slack off, put valuable things in the available space.

Especially adept pickpockets robbed while eating. so in bars and restaurants while you admire well-done steak, someone fun bring your pockets. Again, remember «the meeting Place cannot be changed». By the way, among thieves, there are people who care about art. So they combine the pleasant with the useful: twine pocket for leaping arias Leoncavallo.

But perhaps the most classic example, when a person is in motion, and a thief «inadvertently» bumps into him. After the shock, the victim may be shocked, or, on the contrary, embarrassed and begins to apologize, but the goal has already been achieved: the surge of emotion the person is unlikely to feel someone else’s hand in your pocket.

If you are standing (e.g. in a queue), then the thief takes a slightly different tactic. In a large crowd of people he leans on the victim. In which case, you can apologize and blame it on a fight.

You probably know that good is punished. Came up to you people to find out where is the nofelet, you are showing him, and then BAM – values disappeared. No, we should not lose faith in people, just don’t let a stranger get too close and be on guard.

I love pickpockets and the metro. Often thieves in the subway, climb into bags and pockets on the platform. A typical situation in the Moscow subway: the train arrives, people line up, and suddenly a hand reaches into someone else’s pocket. Only a couple of seconds and your phone or wallet turns out to be a swindler. By the way, they will not stop even the fact that you are at this moment listening to music. For a brief moment until you realize that there is no music and you need to check the pockets, the offender is safely hidden.

If the criminal is in the car, usually checks large lower pockets jackets. They can climb quietly, taking advantage of the stampede.

Another method of pickpocket to get close to the victim, to lay down his arms and some fingers pull out from his breast pocket a valuable thing. But it requires too much skill. Sometimes scammers use the method of «breakthrough»: snatch phones are at the passenger doors before the train departure. Cheeky, but effective.

Another potentially dangerous area is the escalator. And one that works on the rise – with him, the thief is easier to go unnoticed. Or near the turnstiles. Here they often work in pairs. One ahead of you, neojidanno stops, the second a little behind gently cleanses the pockets.

How to protect yourself


So how to still protect yourself from unwanted hands in your pockets? The main rule is expect trouble. Over and over again! Always keep your distance, even if the stranger is too friendly a pensioner with a neat beard.

Keep the minimum in your wallet. Do not pull with you without having all the credit cards and a large sum of money, not to lose all at once.

And the main thing — never keep valuables in your back pocket. A wise man once said: «the Back pocket is someone else’s pocket.» So all the valuables we keep in the front (side) pockets, and the best – in domestic. An experienced thief will sneak in there, but to obtain a valuable thing there is still more difficult than with the rear. Ideally, of course, buy yourself a fancy pants with buttoned pockets and put all the most expensive, but I have these for sale is not seen.

There is another problem: you yourself, signaling to the thief. We must be alert, all right, but you constantly pull and stroke a pocket with are wallets and phones, it is not necessary – itself issue. Yes, be vigilant, keep everything under control… but not every 3 seconds.

If you’re carrying backpacks, you’re pretty much screwed. To steal something from a backpack is easier than with any other bags. So I need to backpack purses and phones. Especially in the same damn pocket on the outside. If you put something, consider what you’ve lost.

Keep your bag in front of him. Everywhere: in public transport, and in the crowd. The backpack is also better off. You look like an idiot. But not robbed you idiot.

In public eating places should not hang bags on the chair. Keep them between your legs while eating. Remember, the bag should be in physical contact with the citizen. And while in most of these places don’t put the phone down on the table. And then run through one particularly nimble citizen, give up and take the gadget. And you just won’t notice. So hide it in a secluded place.

Well, if you follow all the steps failed, or the robber appeared to be very nimble, and good of your lost – do not despair. First, try to calm down. Second, immediately report the incident to the duty along of militia or by phone 02. Remember, where there could be theft and to determine the approximate time of its Commission. Important information about suspicious persons, who were at that time nearby, their description. If the items were missing from the bag, you need as little as possible to touch it: thieves almost never work with gloves, sometimes with bags can be fingerprinted. Next, go to the Bank and block all my credit cards. You will require passport information and the last 4 digits. Tell them everything. Not worth it not to trust them. The Bank cards will just block.

The same should be done by contacting the office of the mobile operator whose sim card was within your phone. Especially if the account was a large amount.

If you’re brave, clever and skilled that he was able to catch the thief by the hand, don’t be afraid to say loudly about it. Possible shout and be indignant, that is urine. He is scared of your attention, and, most likely, will return the stolen. If it happens in transport, yell to the driver, that stopped and blocked the door. However, be careful a thief might get nervous and put a knife to most expensive. Although a friend of mine, caught the thief, grabbed his hand, pressed to the window of the tram and began to question, saying, for whom you are a beast go? Started to build itself from thieves. Learn the name and patronymic of the chief, he asked me to give would-be thief that he is very unhappy with their work. More in the area did not touch him, though he could not understand who he is, hell.

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