How to grow sideburns and Sundry grow a beard and mustache, but many have forgotten about the sideburns. You have a chance to boast of beautiful tanks in this summer season, if you start business right now. Sideburns will give you an air of brutality, but also of elegance, if you’re certainly not going to forget to take care of them.



Throw a razor to hell. You don’t need it in the near future. The process of sprouting hair can take just a few days, or may last several weeks. It all depends on how fast your hair growth. Can buy in a drugstore a special oil that helps hair growth, I think it’s burdock.

Just tonight put it on certain areas of the skin and the hair growth process will accelerate.




Pick a style for its future tanks. For an oblong face will suit lush sideburns. For round face — short, and the jaw line, the hair should be shave, if you have a square face shape. In this case, you will narrow sideburns.




Shaved off all my facial hair without affecting your new sideburns. Face need regular shaving razor. And in order to straighten the side to use an electric razor or scissors. In order to trim the length of the hair on the sideburns as well use a simple scissors.

In order to remove the tanks arm length of the comb. Poddawaj hair bristle hairbrush and gently sastrigal hair.


Use nutritional supplements like fish oil and vitamins;

Contrary to popular belief, constant shaving does not increase hair growth and make them thicker;

To create tanks use vacation time. You should not do it during working hours. Probably your colleagues will be wary;

If you have started itching and flushed skin, in the process of sprouting hair, use 1% hydrocortisone. It can be purchased at the pharmacy.

5.Several types of sideburns

Standard Federation (Federation Standard) whiskers, which are shaved at an angle of 45 degrees to the top of the ear.


Accrete wide tanks (Friendly Mutton Chops) – wide sideburns, covering half of the cheeks and cheekbones. Whiskers grow in pots along the line of the upper lip. Round and square chin under the lower lip shaved.


Sail — Hulihee is «flared» to the Central part of the cheekbones sideburns connected to a mustache. In this round chin remains shaved.

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