How to grow a stylish mustache

Dude, we already told you how to grow a beard. And worse mustache than a beard? Also quite a male thing (women are rare and mustaches make them look like men, so it’s not even an argument!). So today we’ll give you tips on how to grow gorgeous sprawling mustache.

Mustache — the sort of thing that you just just will not get. Of course, it will take time. Experienced mustachioed dudes say that on average, whiskers grow back about six weeks and then you can give them any shape. They, by the way, there are many! But in the meantime, here’s a few tips on how to grow a real mustache peasant.

shape of a mustache

Step 1: potravniy mustache

how to grow a moustache

Never, never dub a mustache, you hear? No matter how much you want it. Not-for-what.

Step 2: comb mustache

comb mustache

When your mustache grows back enough to comb them once a day. Make it part of your toilet: combed hair, a mustache comb. This should be done in the direction from the nose to the right and left, respectively. So they will grow better and lie. There are even special combs for mustache, for example: They come in different types:

comb for a moustache.

comb for a moustache.

Step 3: lubricate with wax mustache

how to grow a moustache

After you take a shower, leave wet mustache. Put them on wax: quite a bit, literally at the tip of the finger, since the middle of the mustache. Spread evenly and fix your mustache. Carefully, matelea! Wax mustache for quite a sold. Google!

Step 4: give the form of the moustache

how to grow a moustache

Your dashing mustache Curling up, apply the wax and pokrocily their fingers. Can get on this pen or pencil. This opens up a huge scope for experimentation.

Step 5: keep the moustache in shape

like otrastit' shikarnye is located in 0952035467

To grow a moustache — a big deal, even the whole obligation. You will have to wash them, comb, coat with wax and twist every day. But they look so cool, dude!

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