How to grow a beard

How to grow a beardWhatever was said, the beard is beautiful and courageous. Itself beard in the culture, it just so happened that distinguishes a man from a boy, and especially from women. Now in vain to forget about how beautiful, comfortable, and at times severely looks like a beard. But you can go against the prevailing stereotypes and still grow a beard, and we will tell you how to do it.

Grow a beard

Begin! Free yourself from having to shave and grow a beard. If you’re ready to take the challenge and get impressive facial hair, start to grow! In this case the main thing — to decide and patience. Just decide to grow a beard and stick with it. Do not give in to the skeptical speech and don’t lose confidence. Don’t be seduced by a razor when you won’t grow the bristles tidy. Let the razor for you will be inviolable subject — this will help you get through the first most difficult time. Give yourself, for example, six weeks. If it went wrong — shave after a specified time, but not before!

Also you can choose for ourselves as the source of inspiration of some bearded dude. It can be anyone: one of your friends, famous person or historic figure — there is no difference, as long as he was bearded. When you start to get bored, grow back your beard and you’d be hesitant, is to continue to grow, just remember this bearded character. He was able to grow his luxurious beard will turn out for you.


When you start to grow a beard, the first time you won’t be very pleased with what you see in the mirror. Don’t worry about this. Be a man! Be proud of all that amazement you had the audacity to grow a beard. If the first period’s too heavy, start to grow a beard during the holidays. When you return to a familiar environment, remember your decision. Don’t be unsettling the reaction of others: in the end, it’s your decision — not theirs. Pay attention more on the positive reactions of others and their support, do not concentrate on disapproval: it does not matter to you any difference.

Choose the form of the beard

Beards are different, there are many types of beards! It is reasonable that before you raise the question, what beard shape is right for you. No need to take hasty decisions. There is even a bearded fashion — you might want to know the rules and follow any of them. We warn you, dude! The beard should not be a fashion statement. Grow a beard, only to be himself. Let you will have such a beard, which is like you do not care, what is in fashion now.

types of beards

In choosing the form of the beard is a key factor: your genetics. Need to squeeze the best out of what you have bestowed nature. Although the beard is a distinctive feature of men, they all have different capabilities in matters of sprouting beard. Some grow bushy beard with a shovel, and someone’s facial hair is very modest. The majority is somewhere in the middle. Those who have bearded the potential of the poor, do not become any less masculine. That beard grow at all different — a kind of bearded mystery. Beard is a gift, and it is distributed unevenly between men. Those who have the gift of the beard should use it to grow a beard all the joy.

Those whom nature had not deprived of facial hair, we strongly recommend you to grow a full beard. Full beard is the classic, the icon of the bearded style. If you can’t grow a full beard, just pick the style that best implements your bearded potential: more or less — it can be even a goatee or sideburns.

Whatever form of beard you choose, we warn you: avoid the main mistakes beginners bearded — do not rush to provide his fresh facial shape. Better for the first time just stop shaving and let it grows by itself, at least in the first four weeks or so. Many at first hard to walk in this battered form, and they are tempted to trim their only incipient beard. The problem is that in trying to trim it often spoil: shave your neck too high or too low the cheek. The result is a strange beard, which is not so, as we would like, and man does it shave. If you can not endure, and already want to trim your beard, follow the rule: less is more.

The beard itches

A newly-bearded men sacrificed their beards to get rid of itching. Don’t let him defeat you! Once you’re used to shaving every day, your skin is in a new environment: from the environment it protects the beard. Sometimes this person may itch. Not Spivey beard for this reason! Continue to grow and remember that itching will go away eventually when your face gets used to the beard. Don’t forget what you decided! Until you just get used to the novelty in your appearance, and you can use any moisturizing lotions or other remedies against the itch.

How to care for a beard

When your facial hair has finally become a full-fledged beard, you have to take care of her. Many take care of their beard themselves, not trusting her in someone else’s hands. In our days it is not easy to find a hairdresser that is well-leveled beard. If you couldn’t find a hairdresser who I can rely on, buy yourself a trimmer. Many men think that to trim the beard much easier to shave.

Growing a beard is an adventure. It can grow in a very amazing process, during which you learn something about yourself. And, of course, a beard is a manly thing. If you want, dude, it’s a whole way of life.

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