How to grill the perfect steak?


What binds people and animals — love to the meat. But what should distinguish us from simple animals is cooking meat. Unfortunately, only the fact that you are a person and have prepared a piece of meat does not mean that you eat their meat better than an animal.

Cooking a steak sure looks like art: many people can paint, but none of them is Michelangelo. Most of us will never make masterpieces at home, but it’s a lot easier than you think. Properly cooked steak will make you stand out from most guys and can even make a particularly strong impression on the ladies. But the most important issue in the preparation of steak, it’s not what you need to impress, and what you need to cook the meat the best way possible. It’s about respect, we believe.

So we’ve provided 5 simple tips to help you achieve the limits of perfection in cooking steak.

1. Choose your meat wisely. Meat is an essential part of the process. Knowing what part of the meat you honey, open your eyes for the best selection. Most people think the filet or tenderloin is the best part of the meat.

Of course, these units are probably the most tender but not the best fit for frying. Fillet, but to impart a stronger flavor, you’ll have to pour him a well of spices and seasonings.

So try different parts of the meat to understand what you like the most. Well, of course, choose the steak of marble meat, because there is enough meat and fat. But that’s if you have money.

No matter which piece of meat do you prefer, the main thing is its freshness. If you have a little extra money, buy a specialized meat butcher shop. The Department stores only offer «ready to cook» and packaged meat. The meat that encased Styrofoam and covered the top with cellophane. It is a much older compared to meat, store-bought, processed manually.

2. Let the flavor of the beef to continue. No matter how much makeup is superimposed on an ugly woman, because at the end of the day, she is still ugly. WE mean by this that it is best to only use salt and pepper. If you use quality meat, then you don’t need any marinades. Minimalism is the key to success, the other because too many spices will mask the real flavor of beef. This also applies to sauces.

Depending on the piece of meat we recommend to use a little olive oil, sea salt and fresh pepper flour. That’s really all you need.

3. Buy a good stove with a high temperature of the burner. The most popular steak restaurants have their grills, which are heated to a high temperature close to 500 degrees.

You probably will not be able to buy the same grill for home use, but your device needs to achieve the highest possible temperature. The better you dry the piece of meat, the more of it will be a pleasant aroma.

The higher the quality of the meat, the more time you can roast before it starts to burn. Meat only has to sizzle and broil, but watch carefully for their piece of meat to the fire «devoured it.

4. Check the readiness of the steak. There is nothing worse for a steak than to overcook it. A good steak should be cooked at a medium temperature inside the meat 55-60 degrees. Wrong cooking a steak should be punishable by the court and lockup.

When you have enough practice, you will be able to determine the readiness of the steak and the internal temperature of the meat by eye. But most of us does not have expertise sufficient to determine the readiness of steak, so get yourself a good meat thermometer.

Now you can buy expensive digital models cost 3000 rubles, which is really worth the effort, if you really decide to seriously get involved in the cooking. But for everyday use suitable and simple thermometer cost 150-600 rubles, which will help to keep your meat «in the juice».

5. Let the meat rest. During the roasting process of the proteins in the meat to shrink and give us your juices. Behind the meat to relax after cooking. If you let the steak rest for 5 minutes, then cold liquid will be redistributed evenly throughout the meat. In the end, the meat will retain more flavor and be more juicy. Cover it with a piece of foil so that the steak gets cold.

6. Eat a steak. And pity their poor vegetarian friends!

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