How to go to work, if you go to her you do not want


Hello, dear!

I have a COMPLETE lack of desire to go to work. Living in Estonia, I am 19 years old, Estonian language do not know English do not know (for his stupidity). To find the work that I least like, I have no ability (because of ignorance of state language). You have to constantly look for a job, which forces have to go there! To make myself can’t work 5 days normally, and then start skipping and the absence of desire for it to go, the mood gets deep into Paul!

Tell me what to do in such a situation, how to solve this problem, what are the ways of earning for such meticulous people like me?

The desire to work I have to learn a new language want the capital, want to live! And with my first paycheck will go to learn languages, and the rest of the money needed to pay off the debts with your friends that believe in me and want I found myself.

Hanging on the neck of parents, I can’t either, all cool, looking for a job. Recently was invited to NL, sober thought and realized that this is also not an option, although I know many, and this topic would be of interest to many, but I don’t want to turn into such concerned about his product.


And you, Hello, friend, man, a reader of our magazine! It’s cool that you have addressed to us, because we have our answer there. You will like it – who knows? In General, read and listen!

At age 19, nobody wants to work. In 19 years I want to get clubbed in the face by Riot police and play in a rock band. And many did, because life should be bright on experience. And how to do it without trouble on your ass? But eat also want, and seek independence, so we’re looking for anything that can give us money without thinking about whether or not we like it. This is not entirely true, but sometimes other options may not be. Therefore it is necessary to miss of teeth what is already there. Experience can not damage, and the time you’ll have enough to eventually find something better.

Everything else, we do not believe that it is only in the language. Some of the features are really close if you don’t know the state language. And if you don’t know all of my 19 years, it’s kinda sad. But probably not so long ago you were there. Learning English still have, Yes, and you know it. But what about the work?..

Here, to be honest, it all comes from the need to operate and grow. If you have the opportunity to not work and hang on the neck of the parents, at that age you’re just going to do it. Need a boost that will make you rethink this attitude. It may be a friend, lack of money, the dream. Besides, there is one unpleasant fact which indicates that most of the works where it does not want to work. So that’s the case. It’s bad, it’s bad, but it is a reality to be reckoned with.

Not everyone will find their calling in life from scratch, have to be interrupted with all sorts of shit to understand what do you want from life. Elon Musk, for example, is generally 19 smeared some vats of oil in the canadian province of and cut the trees to save up for University tuition. I don’t think it all he liked, he just understood the need. And now the guy is one of the most influential people on the planet – think about it. Or take, for example, Bukowski. The old goat almost his entire life working in jobs that are truly hated, because there are no other options, and the fame and recognition may be too late to knock on your door. So you suggest to get started just to gain experience. The first steps are always the hardest. A lot of questions in my head are many concerns and obstacles, but once you pass forward a little (certainly beyond 5 days), you will understand why all this shit had to be done.

Here you cited the example of company NL International say that «sober thought and realized that it was not an option.» Dude, we laugh at such «healthy diet» and people who are obsessed with it. However, and here at work in this company and love the product? Such things should be approached more efficiently, if there is a product its audience, this audience is not going to disappear, and it can get the money. Somehow sounds selfish, but it is the market. If there were normal working conditions, then go actually go to work there. It’s much better than to carry the burden of uncertainty.

Other options may not be. So, you can try to work at home, writing, e.g., something or freelancing in any other sphere. But it will all be marking time without proper experience. And think: if you’re too lazy to work, what do you in forty years? Energy will be much less, maybe even the beer belly will appear, and will have to work at the same level.

In short, forget this whole Junior game and show some will power. There is no easy job, there are easy possibilities of forgery, but they will not replace a full day of work. However, it is always possible to drop everything and go someplace else in India. No, that requires money!

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