How to go to live in USA

manygoodtips.com_13.10.2016_sqBNGgBzrlbzLWhen in native culture there is a lot of reasons to want to leave Home — it means something. All these «I will go to live to London», Peter pig on the tractor and the Russian «blockbusters», are copying Western counterparts, have become alarming bells. Good or bad — not for us to judge and neither should you. It is appropriate in this situation to decide for themselves where to spend their lives.Not for us to choose place of birth and residential address change, we are still capable. And if you pull on a different continent — we are only too happy to advise how to implement the plan. However, be warned that to get into the country, where almost everything very very difficult.

In fact, it is even insulting. The fact that you are from Russia, should serve as an indulgence when you apply for citizenship in the United States. Before, by the way, it was a lot easier. Long before the segregation of slavery, when in 1619 in America brought African slaves, where slavery was voluntary. People of different nationalities without a penny in his pocket became slaves in a few years to «redeem» a ticket from Europe to America and to your piece of land.

Now we have democracy and such things are not very encouraged and not always lead to a free life in the States. But experts American Corporate Services, Inc. confidently say that there are several legal ways that can be used in Sunny Texas, Florida or California. Their customers they help in obtaining labor, business and immigrant visas and refugee status. Their lawyers speak Russian and are immigrants in the first generation, so they know all about the difficulties of moving to the United States for permanent residence. But back to the point.The first thing to know — an immigrant visa you can only get in the U.S. Embassy in Moscow and nowhere else. Lucky for you, if America is already living one of your relatives with the local citizenship, willing to take care of you on the programme of family reunification. Of course, it is desirable that it was at least a cousin, not a sister wife father-in-law of your mother. If not, I can try to test your luck and become a participant in the annual lottery, which played a green card. Importantly, to obtain at least secondary education or have had two years of work at the posts requiring the same training period.

Chances are there are, however, not very encouraging — last year «green card» has received only one 240-th participant. To increase them quite ordinary ways: correctly fill in the form, have no criminal record, meet the criteria. But it’s only fair to mention that the procedure of winning here are very opaque — the US state Department every time denies the existence of hacker attacks, which correct the results. In General, to rely on this way — it’s like waiting for that one night the fairy will come for your tooth, but instead will be rendered on all night and in the morning bake the pancakes with maple syrup.

manygoodtips.com_13.10.2016_cSADtojJZTbk5Nevertheless, hope dies last and maybe, in the forties you’re lucky. In this case, you should know that even after winning will not give you a map just like that. Need a sufficient level of education or experience, the amount for the first time and the offer from the employer (job offer). The same conditions you will face in other cases. For example, if you’re a businessman and expand their business or open new — you will be given a visa category EB-1C. If you’re an investor, EB-5. And in the case of high educational level (EB-2, EB-3) or extraordinary abilities (NIW) it only remains to learn English.

While you are trying hard to develop telepathic skills or to learn the number PI to a thousand mark, let me introduce you to a more mundane method of immigration. It’s called «indirect» and requires not only luck, but also sufficient self-control, patience, and sometimes beautiful blue eyes. Let’s start with the latter.

If you’re a girl (and read — that’s good!) or a gigolo, get a green card you will be quite easy. Enough to come to the US on a temporary visa for three months to find someone who will be your husband/wife. After the filing of the petition will be held for two years, and it will need to apply again, at the same time following the interview with the «love of a lifetime». Note that the history knows many cases when the fictitious marriage became a very real and strong, so watch out.

If you’re a representative of the Church, then for you there is a special religious visa. After some time in the USA you will be able to apply for obtaining a residence permit in the category of «special immigrant». Before that necessarily need to work full-time for two years and to convince the Board that in America you will continue to carry out our mission. The same system applies to volunteers who work 40 hours. for a week.

manygoodtips.com_13.10.2016_36hL2eG8TsmzeSpecialists and businessmen who came to conquer Manhattan or San Francisco, there are also a lot of chances to consolidate his position. If your employer wants so much to have such a valuable employee, then convince him to act as your «sponsor» is not difficult. And if your business is in the U.S. will be successful throughout the year, it will be possible to apply for three year visa, which will give the opportunity to apply for obtaining coveted «green card».

All this requires a lot of patience and Finance, and many do not stand up and immediately declare themselves refugees. This, however, requires not only acting skills (hand-wringing and tears can help the cause), but also the rationale of your situation. If you’re really someone stalking your home country, or there are suspicions, the chance for a visa you will have. If not — get ready to go back to familiar land.

But all these methods are far not as epic as this one, lasting 21 years. So much time can wait, to your grown child born in the U.S., could become of age to make an application to you above the program of family reunification. And to live all this time he may be in the family since like born in the USA he will have the right and on the Russian and American citizenship. If you hurry, you can try.

However, the issue of the visa one still not worth it. Of course, you can rely on yourself, but more practical and safer to turn to the real experts, such as immigration office American Corporate Services, Inc. If you decide to buy a business in USA or your own – can’t do without the expertise of US Business Services Corp they don’t have to «reinvent the wheel» and «stepping on a rake» by staying in the fear of the unknown. They have many years professionally advise and assist in the registration and deployment of the business under the chosen path of immigration. Often, the most important advice is not about what we need to do and what NOT to do.No matter why you need US: to start a family, find a job, build a business or all together. This is a situation in which one cannot do without the help of others.

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