How to go to bars

manygoodtips.com_23.08.2016_xZYB5Xf61tlzeHemingway during his Cuban binge was only two bars, which he attended. But it was his bars that’s where he felt good, there was served his favorite drink, and no matter how disgusting it may seem that expression, they reflected his personality. Yes, and you should follow the example of the great writer, and choose bars which will do you good.

To explore it is certainly good, but only if life requires change or you just haven’t found your bar. Bar — he’s home, as a place where you love and expect. It must be good, there should be a lot. No wonder that the ordinary Englishman, one pub is for life, there he is going to embroil the migration policy of England, to discuss varicose feet of his beloved Queen, and remember the days when their favorite «Luton town» won cups.

But this bar leisure — the lot of alcoholics and people skilled, experienced, tired and fully drunk. They have no dependence on drive and rest for these people are not obliged to turn into an adventure. There are those who in one place is boring. I agree, because sometimes you want to have a bar marathon. To take and walk through a few bars, get drunk, have fun plenty. From the simple and rather sad «Alcossebre», the event turns into a crazy voyage of the arteries of the green snake. Here it is — the breath of youth. Even when you love your work, sometimes you want to change the display.

Thoughtful plan for moving the bars

Bars should be close to each other, so that the transition from one room to another didn’t take long. That, so to speak, not to sober up quite so much, but at the same time, to give your body a rest.


When you make your own bar plan, you have to try to guess what alcohol is and what feelings you want to get. I would like you to visit a cozy place where easy to talk to, or conversely, a noisy hall with a stage, which trample the musicians. Otherwise the body is in need of songs and noise under cider, but instead they give you learned by heart songs Scorpions under divorced «Baltic». Therefore it is necessary to study the poster carefully consider their voyage, to try to understand what you want to remember the whole range, to plan (all of a sudden the mood will change and want something different), so without loss of time, to move from one pub to another.Consider the sequence of visits is silly. You can predict their desires, after the fifth glass of gin and tonic? You need to look at the feelings, but to determine the list of bars is in advance. Do it big — not worth it. No more than five. And, of course, all the fun, you need to leave for the final time.

Warn friends about their plans

Why it is important to think through your route? In order for your friends who get off work at 9, or busy with other things, could easily find you at the right place. A marathon implies a change of bars, not an ambulance, systematic but still change. Therefore, it is important that the bars were in relative proximity to each other. Not everyone will want to go to another district to drink, it is easier and cheaper to do it at home. By the way, don’t miss the most important thing — do not forget to warn friends about their plans.

No more than two glasses on the bar

manygoodtips.com_23.08.2016_Rft2gDPvTmsOUTo maintain the momentum, desire and resistance, stand in one place for too long. Maybe God gave you a liver of activated carbon and three glasses of beer will not leave you on your behavior and the mind track, but ordinary runners better be limited to a maximum of two drinks. You’ve got to look at well-being, of course, but remember that one magic phrase: «Maybe stay here?» can turn a second bar in the past.

It is clear that if in your village with just three pubs, the dose can be increased, however, to forget about the consequences of not worth it.

Also don’t forget the rate of consumption. If you’re planning a marathon bar, do not rush to bring themselves to a state of lightness of alcoholic existence. After all, it’s a marathon pub crawl, not a competition in speed of intoxication. So it is better to choose a beer it’s your friend. Shots — bandit bullet.

Communicate, be sincere, did not

If done correctly, then during the marathon you can buy beautiful and pleasant acquaintances. Most importantly, don’t act like a closed girl who is not able to communicate with anyone except his friends. Drunken people always try to talk, so that problems with the contacts will not occur. Most importantly, behave yourself, and don’t try to surprise or impress dormant until the drunk skills. Drunk appreciate simplicity and sincerity.

However if using alcohol jet before you reach the realization that the continuation of the marathon with this company faces challenges, it is better to refuse to build bridges of love and friendship.


If you’re planning to get ladies, then try to communicate with them, not take them by force in the direction to the toilet. First, the desired you are unlikely to get, and secondly, it’s ugly, it can get upset and throw you out of the institution. But if your drunk mug able to publish a gallant phrase even thickly, the chance to get what you want you will definitely.

Be ready to improvise at any moment

No matter how perfect a plan, anything can change at any time. For example, at one point, all residents of the city decide to leave their homes in bars. There are days when all the bars are more than the stars in the sky. In such a crowd even misbehave not comfortable. In such moments you can call your comrades that are not with you, suddenly they found the reserved place. Then it would be rational to join them.

Dinner — best time for the start of the marathon

A good marathon — long marathon. However gulbinai the whole day is very dangerous for the wallet and the body. So do not rush to start very early and walk through the empty bars with lunch. It’s boring and monotonous. 7-8 PM is the perfect time. Not too early, not too late — the perfect combination elcapitan own abilities. Besides, it’s the end of the working day, and therefore, there is a chance that the marathon will not be alone.

Besides, for many it is dinner time, and make a marathon on an empty stomach is a dangerous business. Most likely, the second bar you will make in a swinish condition. And so it will be at least some assurance that you sing.

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