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Hey, man. Listen, I ton of the stuff looked, but the question remains such — as to formulate a purpose in life? I mean, Yes, you have a very cool article, special style, each charm, I don’t know. But the answer to your question I have not found. So can you tell me how to «force yourself to want to want something»?

Answer immediately, force yourself to want something impossible, because «force» is often a bad idea. The body we have — and even ass if you do something solely on the power, little will happen. Motivation is like a cunning marketing, in fact you force yourself to do it, but turns softer and nicer, but sometimes to push yourself is vital.

If you think I’m going to say something incredibly smart and will force you to change your life immediately, free SMS, you’re wrong. We often wrote in the article «Way of life» that the most important thing is to go its course, but first you need to understand what you want in life. This is the most important. If you have no idea what you want in life, we need to live and to see and try. Of course, by «try» I don’t suspect the opportunity to try all kinds of port «777». Try different Hobbies, interested in different things, the main thing is to try as much as possible. Read the book. Not because I read that «Books are the little friends of man» and blah-blah-blah. Read them to blatantly learn from others ‘ experience, feelings and everything like that. Pereosmyslenie read, try to form their own system of values. Understand the purpose of life is not formed in early life, as the main quest in some game. The purpose of life, if it is one and if it is really necessary, from your experiences, experience and other things. In fact, so adamant to shape a purpose in life is in vain. She either appears, or you have some values, or your life turns into such a improvise. Especially there is nothing wrong. When I was 18-19, I was really struggling to find his purpose in life, meaning, direction and a beam of light over his right shoulder at his future «soul mate». Only with time and logical experience, I realized that everything in life is easier and harder at the same time. If you think and analyze your life and your desires, goals somehow do arise as a result of random events. Everyone ever is a crisis, it is important to continue to be interested in life, and it will pass quickly.

I tried to answer your question as best they could, like even happened.

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