How to get the best service in the restaurant of us sooner or later became victim to crappy restaurant service. Maybe your order has forgotten to bring or have brought, but not what you asked for. As a rule, the waiter completely and totally takes the blame, and depending on the magnitude of the blunders or partially paid by your order, or doing some «compliment» from the bartender or chef able to make amends. A may send you on a long journey of an intimate nature, because he still wanted to get away from the crappy fast food. But there are a few simple tips that will help make your Desk a priority, even in the hours «worn out» dinner time when fully seated auditorium. Well, or at least your presence will notice in less than half an hour.

1. Use sign language to signal

Usually the waiters are watching the gestures and other nonverbal signals in order to Orient in time and come on the first call. For example, if you’re going to study the menu as if everything in it is written in the Sumerian language, and you’re trying to translate these lines, it is likely that you will not be distracted, not to make a haunting impression. But if you’re ready to order, close your menu and put it before him on the table. This is the main signal for the waiter realized that you have already decided on the choice.

The same can be done with an empty plate or glass. And you can make eye contact with your waiter if this is not possible, switch to the other. According to the rules, they should come to you, and to offer their help, even if your table is not in the area of their operation, or at least kick your waiter. In short, in any case you should do all of the above, before shouting to the whole room: «Hey you, whatsyername, come here!»

2. Immediately try to voice your entire order

If possible, try to immediately tell the waiter what and how much you want. If you’re going to do all new orders every time he passes by your Desk, cancelling one and replacing it with another, eventually you can score, bring a dish from the first list, confusing it with the fourth altered order, well, elementary to forget that you ever wanted. You can order entrees and specify that the drink will be determined later, and when you put the plate, you’ll know what you want.

Also pre-think about what dish should be served first, if you had yourself a feast for the whole world. Of course, this misses the waiters by default impossible if you dine in the trendy restaurant, because the staff of such places knows how to do, not to question the status of the institution within which it operates. But most likely, you is hardly a frequenter of such establishments, so do not complicate the life of themselves or others.

3. Objective, calm complaints

If you are dissatisfied with the quality of service or meals, do not rush to rant and rave, demanding the blood and the severed head of the perpetrator, it is often the case that one hundred percent of the fault of the waiter in violation of no, although in any case get to him. If your food is cold, this can be a cant cook, if you brought beer with a noticeable delay, most likely it is the negligence of the bartender, if your table is full of plates and no hurry to clean, it’s the total lack of teamwork restaurant team, because your waiter can take orders and make food for other people. Well, or could just forget about you. So the beer is warm, and the soup is cold. Quietly and without unnecessary emotions to explain to the waiter or the administrator of the problem and offer solutions. Believe me, they do not need the aggravation and the lack of a tip, so any decent restaurant would love to go to the meeting to avoid any conflict.

4. Watch your manners

One of the most common complaints of waiters around the world is that they are treated as slaves, which of course they are not. So spit in your soup sometimes becomes the sole analgesic for spat of the soul. In the common interest to treat people the way you want them to treat you. Familiar advice, right? Don’t forget the «magic» words that you were taught in childhood, you call the waiter by name, it is obligatory to have a badge on his shirt. In the end, «friendship» with the staff of your favorite cafe or restaurant will do you only good. Be sure that your order will not be forgotten and you will smile a sincere welcome, and not just another impersonal smile.

5. Do it yourself that you can do yourself

Cleaning the table is not the job of guests, and a dirty table, which the waiter should remove, for obvious reasons, it slows down the work. But if you spilled something, and that something does not require large scale cleaning operation of the area – wipe himself. It is in any case is not a requirement for the best service, but if you want to shorten their lunch to a minimum, especially during rush hour, it is better not to neglect such a manner which will not make you too much difficulty, but will significantly help your waiter.

6. Tips

Generosity is appreciated always and everywhere. If you liked the service and the atmosphere of the restaurant, according to unwritten rules, you should leave a tip of 15-20% of the total amount of the order. The next time you come to this place and get a change of waiter, obsluzhivayuschego you are likely to be looking for you and warm attitude and excellent service.

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