How to get rid of the need for frequent watering houseplants

Hi, friend, I’ve been wondering, do you have house plants? No, I understand, that itself you are unlikely to buy, but it happens that a friend or someone from the relatives will adjust some ficus or cactus to «improve» your home. And the slop in these gifts that will not eject, and if you lost — you’re an insensitive jerk who didn’t keep track of the gift made from the heart.

And time to water purchased Bush is quite problematic, because earlier you’ve never done this before. In the case of cacti, of course, everything is much easier. I once actually littered with books, a couple of months spent out of the pot, and nothing, but if you are lucky and gifted by the «Bush» needs regular hydrotherapy, it is my advice to you will help.

There is such natural mineral vermiculite, it contains a lot of trace elements useful for plants, but it is not its main advantage. The most important thing — it absorbs and holds moisture, and in large quantities, up to about five volumes. That is buying a package of the vermiculite (worth 40 rubles per liter packaging), remove the plant from the ground, washed the roots, in a pot covered with vermiculite, put in a «precious gift» and watered.

The moisture will be absorbed into vermiculite, and from there it will soak the roots, watering them. Thus, you can forget about watering for a week and a half and the plant will be nothing.


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