How to get rid of terrible women

manygoodtips.com_5.06.2015_CIDTfB5JCYNyzRemember, we wrote about relationships with ugly girls? So, now we will tell you about these girls, even the ugly people are: they’re just scary, which, moreover, are very clingy, to manic. Girls used to sharing ways to blow off clingy men. But what are we worse?

Annoying and scary, determined and desperate. Tons of makeup and clothing do not conceal the appearance of representability, and this is doubly scary. But nothing, you have a loyal friend in the face that will definitely help.

Someone will say that his temple of solitude sidestep even the monsters, and we’re here, how to get rid of the ladies. Do not hurry, suddenly now some doughnut admiring your picture of «Vkontakte»?


Old as the world, praised in ancient myths. Using this method your male independence saved Aeneas, Odysseus, and many others.

The simplest way creating a mythical girlfriend, who supposedly lives in another city, and you’re madly in love. Or if the intention of the girl is serious as ever, and you basically alfazemas, then find yourself a real lady and to spin in the vortex of love is not a sin. In this case, if the women you have no respect, no. How to quit my part-time girlfriend, read here.

Most importantly, you’re making a scene that, say, you’d like to love her stokilogrammovye carcass, but can’t betray its apparent Persephone. So you strengthen the flame of hope in a terrible loving soul.

Side effect: the man said that does not change – man does not change. While the aggressor has not disappeared, you couldn’t have a relationship. With anyone. And it is not known how long it will last.


In that case, if the idea of the fictional lady is not rolling, there is only one output, for which you need a lot of courage to say all right. «You’re not my type, and I was beginning to irritate your attention,» you need to say quickly and clearly. After dodging the right hook, stand back, fleeing from her knee, plugging his ears, not to hear nasty things, flying in your address, finish my whiskey and with dignity, presenting a symbiosis of Barney Stinson and Hank Moody going to the sunset under the light, but sad songs of Warren Zevon.

No you will not take revenge. It was given to you. Especially if she promised nothing and close connection you had. Max – she’ll think about it. And, of course, can talk about horrible things to you.

Side effect: tears, ear wax worse, and muck in your address. In the worst case – a couple of weeks in traumatology. But it is important that your honor you saved, and all your friends will say: «well Done, us!» Just kidding, they’ll find fault and complain about that one and others, even scary to not pay attention.


Run, Forrest! Run for your life! Himself from decidedly customized «skins.» Sorry for such a sexist pun, but if the lady directly interferes with the usual way of life – disappear.

Ignore, ban, move to one side of the road, if it goes forward, change your usual daily route, re-enact his funeral. If she came to you, speak abruptly, unable to bury the phone, showing that a conversation with her you give preference to even the most uninteresting things. Can just sad to see the dying cigarette butt or sad doggie bag… you Can even constantly pretend during meetings that you someone is calling. Of course, with time it comes the sad fact that you’ve been avoiding her. But maybe it will reach that you to be friends with her is not very desirable.

Side effect: Oh, and did you have to run! The lady had it all planned out, and then you play hide and seek in mind. And the constant conspiracy pretty annoying.


Let’s say you came to a noble party, to relax body and soul, but you put both of their bulging eyes prehydrolysis nosed Hippo, one of its kind that gives out into the atmosphere tons of lust and passion. You already understand that to be polite and greet her was the biggest mistake. And as the mother taught the girls not to be rude, then tell her directly that her society you are not particularly happy, very, very problematic. And it all goes along. The question arises: how to escape from a local claim? Just because there’s nowhere to go. Madame tipsy, Madame chose the victim, Madam is going to end. Generals jenonenvistnicheskim front recommend.

Goats! It helps in all cases. Even after prolonged siege of the temple of honor and integrity.

It is important to show ingenuity, imagination and to be ruthless to yourself. There are two levels of difficulty, the first of which is based on accurate self-flagellation and constant talk about their faults.

But the second is full of trash! Rock ‘ n ‘ roll without sex and drugs, but total improvisation. Constantly run out to the toilet and, sadly, looking into her eyes, complain about prostatitis. Tell me about those events in your life that you absolutely do not paint. No such think. To create the image of a frivolous, nasty animal not so difficult. Share your impressions videos viewed executions ISIS and coprofagia porn. Can even throw her examples in PM. Ask her casually like how you treat gonorrhea and how serious he is. Burp and pass gas in her presence only if it after all of the above is actively trying to close his lips in a passionate kiss.

Side effect: you’re scum! And she’ll tell everybody what you’re impressionable!

In fact, this method will not do you honor. To offend the lady and to expose themselves to animals special talent is not necessary. Some live this way all my life, without even knowing it.

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