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Before you start to struggle with such unpleasant phenomenon, as a snore, check to start, why you need it. Besides that it does not sleep your girlfriend (wife, children and other family members), it adversely affects your health. So if you don’t care about the sleep of your loved ones, your health, perhaps you care a great value.

So, snorers are at increased risk of dying from respiratory arrest during sleep 60% more than those who silently to snuffle. When snoring occurs the regular interruption of breathing due to difficulties with breathing in the air, the body forgets to breathe, and he has to wait for peloponnesiaca brain will remind you of the respiratory system on its responsibilities. Such failures have inveterate snorer during the night can occur nearly 500 times, with the result that his body is not resting as it should, and during the day it feels sluggish and sleepy. If all that stuff you don’t like, it’s time to get rid of snoring, but it needs:

1. To lose weight

If you have overweight, you snore two times more than if you were lean and athletic. So, dropping a few extra pounds, you may not entirely stop snoring, but you snore much less is for sure. If you are not overweight, then read on.

2. Quit Smoking

No wonder bad habits is so called. If you do not get to leave from nicotine addiction, then at least don’t smoke for three hours before bedtime.

3. To sleep on a pillow

The higher the head is positioned relative to the body, the harder it will be to snore.

4. Do not sleep on the back

Most people snore when sleeping on back. Program yourself under any pretext not to roll over on your back during sleep. If you can’t convince your body in what position he needs to sleep, tie the back on the head of some tough stuff, then you don’t want to sleep on your back.

5. To do the surgery

If all the above ways is not helping you, then the obvious advice — go to a doctor who will probably suggest you do the operation on the expansion of the larynx. Although the operation may not relieve you from snoring completely, but it can lead to a significant reduction of snoring, that’s good.

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