How to get rid of muscle pain after a workout?

manygoodtips.com_4.02.2015_S8hgpDanWh6YWTo a warm spring and hot summer have had very little time, and some of us already plowed in the gym in order to be able to brag to their relief and sports forms. And if during a hard weight training you feel like the king of the world, then the next day Wake up, feeling the feebleness of the 80-year-old. Perhaps you are over-exercised or forget to do a good workout or hitch with the obligatory stretching, but the fact remains: now you can neither breathe nor fart. And this pain you have microscopic muscle tears.

Pain in the muscles of the legs occurs after 24-48 hours after a workout, and how long it will last, depends entirely on the complexity of the program and level of training of the person. Don’t rush to pamper your miserable body into the ice bath – it looks good in movie. We don’t need ice. We’ll fight fire with fire! The new portion of the training is the best and powerful drug. Our bodies are designed to work, they are happy when working, and even that pain is a natural process and your body will overcome it if you allow him to do it, then as a cold shower will only slow down your progress.

We are accustomed to days of recovery between workouts, we need to muscle was closed for repairs, but it’s not the most efficient way to get where you want. And the more you rest, the greater the temptation to delay a new workout to the last. Much more productive to do exercises for 15-20 minutes with fewer repetitions or Jogging at a slower pace than usual. The official «rest days» can then become an excuse. In other words, thinking that doing the right thing, you’re actually making your life more difficult.

Here’s the plan:

If today is your «rest day», so we have some work to do. And the intensity of training depends on how sore your muscles.

Muscles are in agony: a long leisurely walk, swim in the pool, throws the ball.

Muscles really sore: run, 5 pushups and 10 squats every two hours.

Muscles ache and you feel like the Scarecrow on the hinges: regular training, but in Lite mode. Run.

Muscles just ache: welcome to the club! Do what you always do, with a longer break between sets. After the practice mandatory stretching.

So next time you feel the desire to take a break, don’t feel sorry for yourself and stay, keep working on it until then, until it reaches its goal and the first result.

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