How to get rid of infantilism

manygoodtips.com_7.08.2015_I65Q9nbRb1fsMHere was held the next year of your life, and you’re still the same as it was. You don’t really share yourself today and yourself last. You don’t like to take responsibility for themselves, are not able to quickly adapt to the changing world. Do you often have problems in the everyday sense, though you have long ceased to live, and maybe even started a family. Your attitude to the news from the world of politics and Economics is so naive that it becomes no laughing matter. You find it hard to determine what is important and what is not. When all this is mixed into a big ball, then he will naturally pull you back. And you think, «What’s wrong with me? Am I not grown up?» The answer is the following conclusion: you’re childish, and it is time to get rid of.

1. Reasons

Immaturity not constricting your throat until you start having problems in life. And when they start, usually people are in a period of revaluation of values and his life. And in this way can be a lot of disorders and failures. The very nature of infantilism is purely psychological. And this can be overcome if you want to. But in some dudes psyche is in such an advanced stage that they do not fully understand the seriousness of the situation. Usually a standard set of problems infantile guy – is the inability to bring the case to the end, the fear of a serious relationship, fear of change, unwillingness to perform the duties and promises.

The first thing I would like to advise: do not go into your mind. It’s not such a big problem to look for childhood trauma and to arrange removal of the brain. The reasons may be completely different, ranging from too easy and carefree childhood, ending fatherlessness. Also important teenage crisis, which was almost everyone in the 13-15 years – we all owe him develop a strong personality. However, if you’re still interested in this business, read the book by the famous psychotherapist Geofa Graham «How to be a parent yourself». The author has written a bunch of bestselling books on psychology that can help dudes with cockroaches in my head. Everything else, he is talks about the solutions to the problems that are associated with childhood and adolescence.

2. Make a decision

But we digress. Top tip – make a decision. Infantile people find it difficult to do so. Usually the important things they passed on to loved ones, they do the same thing and deeds are not so important. Comes to the absurd: a person completely leaves the choice of food for dinner, movie choice for the evening, to walking in the morning friend. So, perhaps, the transformation of a normal guy in henpecked. Because he is guilty.

So just start to act. So, global decisions about their own lives are hard. When you start to think about their problems, you automatically turn on the TV or walk into a video game. You think they don’t want. So let’s start small. Take simple decisions concerning the are you sure. Gradually expand your comfort zone, but don’t just stand there – there must be motion.

3. Make plans

Start to set ourselves achievable goals, the implementation of which can give you confidence in the correctness of their actions. When you start to get would be comical shaking from every obligation which you yourself imposed.

Generally, the unwillingness to plan for the future – a very common trait of infantile people. They think that making plans is boring, and to take responsibility for the other is wrong. Many dudes this kind of quite a employed and talented, but there are those that just closed in his own little world, afraid to go outside.

4. Defend your opinion

Infantile people are – the most favorite food for the employer. They just work, because they will never argue with the boss. Usually the «boys» are almost all immature. But they don’t get promotions, access to career ladder they closed. These people sit in their seats for decades – they’re just long-lasting mechanism, which does nothing outstanding. And does not because it can’t, but because they can’t defend their opinion.

The fear of losing a job, especially at the present time, a great motivator to hold his tongue. But in some situations you have to defend the correctness of their decisions. Treat yourself better. You’re the expert you hired, and you know what you are doing. The company will be profitable, if you’re going to do the job well, not mediocre. But many leaders just like mediocre employees, because they have less contact, less conflict, so less work.

We now have a crisis because, on the one hand, all understand that without an independent, proactive, willing to take something on people we are out of this crisis did not come out, we shall perish as a country, as a civilization. And on the other – are independent, not like bosses.It’s easier with infantile – hushed and all.

Natalia Thick, psychologistSay that only idiots argue. And this is true if the subject of the dispute is a thing or phenomenon that do not affect your life. If you touch the work or personal relationships, it is necessary to stand firm on your opinion if you are convinced that it is not wrong.

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