How to get rid of headache after drinking wine?

manygoodtips.com_19.12.2014_J24xxDqjQtxX7From this no one is immune. Here you drink with dinner a glass of expensive red wine, and an hour later your head in a Vice squeezes a throbbing headache, which spoils not only the mood, but the whole evening in General. The reason for this injustice is the high level of histamine – compounds responsible for the appearance of hives, sneezing, itching of the skin, drughouse, migraine, which, as you understand what is contained in the wine. But enough is enough! Do not let such weak to prevent us to enjoy this noble drink! Today we will tell you about three effective ways that will help to get rid of this annoying trouble.

1. Every glass of wine drink a glass of water

Any alcohol causes dehydration, this is easy to forget when in your glass of fragrant dark-red liquid. To avoid negative consequences of influence of alcohol on your body including headache, take the habit of drinking wine mixed with water. Not together, but separately. After each drinking a glass of wine drink a glass of ordinary non-carbonated drinking water. The waiter and surroundings will be surprised, but your head will thank you.

2. Two aspirin

If you plan to get drunk to unconsciousness, then this item is swept aside at once. If your rate for the evening – a pair of glasses, then keep reading. Take in the pharmacy of OTC painkillers, which can slightly thin the blood. Two aspirin, ibuprofen or acetaminophen, drunk for 10-15 minutes before meal, eliminate the problem with a headache. Plus you’ll have another reason to drink a glass of water. If this idea is troubling you and you don’t trust your body, of course, talk to your doctor, but if you’re the average healthy man, you do not damage this method.

3. Don’t eat sweets with wine

The combination of sugar and alcohol significantly increases the risk and severity of the potential headaches. So, if you want to eat dessert, eat, but only with coffee or tea, and at least 30-40 minutes after drinking the last glass of wine.

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