How to get rid of habits that cause stress there is stress, takes pleasure, and health and mood suffer. What can you do?

First, take a look at ourselves and be impartial. What habits bring into your life tension? You will see changes for the better in health and spirits, and things at work will go to the mountain — is to correct himself. We analyzed the most common bad habits that cause stress, and found ways to overcome them.

1. You procrastinates

You tell yourself you work better under pressure. There’s always tomorrow. Why the rush? If this is familiar to you, you’re probably a procrastinator.

How can I fix this habit?

Give yourself 20 minutes. You can do anything for 15-20 minutes. Just start, and in 20 minutes come on if you want. You spend too much time on excuses — it is better to be took the case. Even if you hate doing something, stress will be much less, when you finally take the case.

Delhi the task into parts. Divide tasks at home and at work on small pieces. To get out much easier if you first wipe the dust, then vacuum, then you MOP the floor. Make to-do lists for the day, week and month. Constantly use them and update them.

How will this reduce stress? When you put a matter, a stress. Trying to relax in bed, you always remember that the deadline approaches and you still haven’t even gotten started. Promise yourself a reward if it helps to appease your passion for procrastination. The best use for you is to be relaxed, less tense and more relaxed. When you deliberately procrastinate, you will know that it is justified, and is not a harmful habit.

2. You’re unorganized

Perhaps you feel depressed because can’t find needed things to you, when they are needed. If friends complain about your forgetfulness, it may be a symptom and cause of stress.

How can I fix this habit?

You will take notes. Write down the thoughts and deeds. Do lists of people who need to make calls, and purchases that need to be done. Write down important birthdays to your calendar or smartphone, and friends will be happy with your care. So you’ll be less to forget, to cope with the task once, make it again.

Get out. Cleanse the house and a Desk from the garbage, clean the car and not zagromozhdaet the space around them. Sort emails in folders, and paper situation files, to know where everything is. Unnecessary throw away without regret and don’t let the extra accumulate. Throw away unwanted clothes and household appliances that are not going to use. Don’t be Plyushkin: all this you do not need. Put things where they logically reside. You finally cease like crazy looking for your keys, phone and shoes before leaving the house.

How will this reduce stress? Without being organized, you spend a lot of time and nervous. You can get worked to death, if you can’t find your passport or have forgotten, where are the house keys. If things have their place, you cease to worry about them.

3. You like to keep everything under control

If you always want to control everything or take on extra responsibility, this puts you in stress.

How can I fix this habit?

Examine your fate. Confess your perfectionist habits and treat everything easier. What bad things would happen if someone else will do for you a project? Always be responsible for everything is stress, extra time, Intrusive thoughts and the constant drain of energy, not to mention the waste of potential and harm to your relationship.

Delegates tasks. Learn to separate your tasks from others and to share. If your buddy knows how to cook barbecue, let him responsible for a kebab when you’re on a picnic, and you just build a fire and overcome their cravings forever to be in control. Just relax and enjoy.

How will this reduce stress? You can get rid of excess work and stress, refuse when the custom always to take on the role of leader. Pay attention to the stressful aspect of leadership and let others bear the brunt of the head — at least from time to time. When the role of the leader will be for you special, not ordinary, you do it with the bongreat zeal and pleasure.

4. You are always late

You’re always in a hurry. It seems that you’re late more often than not, run with all haste to arrive on time. If you always apologize for being late, and perhaps it’s time to realize the time, forgive the pun.

How can I fix this habit?

Plan ahead. Sign for all your meetings, Lunches, trips to the theater with friends. Set up the meeting 15 minutes earlier than it is recorded in your diary — then you have to be very careful. Always take into account that it may be delayed. You can never be sure where you will find a tube and when you hear an unexpected call, which will further improve your stress.

Kid yourself. Put the watch on a few minutes ahead. Sounds simple, but it works. You look at the clock and saw 10:00. In a second until you realize that 9:45, and you realize how important time is. The probability of delay decreases. When time passes, this trick loses the charm of novelty, and have to resort to new tools.

How will this reduce stress? If you’re always late, you’re wasting a lot of energy, excitement, forgiveness, and invention of excuses why this time you didn’t come in time. Realize how much physical energy you spend on the rush and how emotionally exhausting. You will see that punctuality is invested in her efforts: peace most expensive. Concentrate on your duties and don’t forget the paper: people should get used that you’re finally matured and began to come on time.

5. You live in a dream

You have a choice: either to go to the gym or watch the game on TV with beer and you always choose the latter? You’re doing yourself a disservice, and it is a source of stress when you know what you’re doing wrong.

How can I fix this habit?

Take a commitment. Make a list of things you would like to do, instead of sitting on the couch, and do it within 30 days. They say that in the development of habits requires a month — so be it. Try yoga or judo. Classes in the morning or evening walk helps to relax.

Get a companion. Go to the gym with a friend. Promise me you’ll play sports together, and you don’t want to let him down. Relax, plan — and you will have balance.

How will this reduce stress? The couch just looks cozy and inviting after a long day, but it is an opportunity for overeating and maintaining a sedentary lifestyle. The stress only increases, from food, too, is a hangover, but besides the extra weight. Passive lifestyle is just boring. Beat lethargy, start to move for the sake of body and spirit. Then a casual evening in front of the TV will be your conscious choice, and not a bad habit.


Change your thoughts and you change your world.

Life is full of possibilities to choose — you can take the stress under control. Realize your habits and their impact on you. Use time management at home and at work, move around and control your thoughts.

Learn to set priorities, give instructions and be physically active. Challenge your physical and mental abilities, to lead a more healthy lifestyle. Conquer the problems created by harmful habits, and stress recede.

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