How to get rid of doubt, stop worrying and live in the buzz?..


Good day, dear editors!

Is Your reader not for long, more than a month. But we can conclude that the site content is of high quality, starting with lyrics and ending with the collections of photos of the girls.) Thank you!

I write to You with the question of help here for what reason.

The question is related to career decision further movement on the stairs leading up next to the good shit.)

I’m 26 years old, graduated from the «kerosene» at a good specialty. After graduation was invited to a good salary in a manufacturing firm, is building pipelines. After two years, moved to the research Institute – a subsidiary of a major Russian energy company. The work brings pleasure, tackle interesting challenges, also began to write his thesis.

But a couple of months ago was invited to the administration of the parent organization at a big salary.

It seems to be obvious – take it and take it. But something is holding… Or am I a coward, or not confident…

On the one hand, work in a research Institute with a good and stable salary, a relaxed work schedule that facilitates the writing of a thesis, but with the obligatory condition of closing of contracts for Niram and without any future prospects.

On the other hand in government work, one of the largest energy companies in Russia, with a great salary and bonuses, but, accordingly, with heavy loads, constant delays to nights and less free time to write his thesis.

How to get rid of doubt, stop worrying and live in the buzz?

Although not going anywhere from experiences and doubts that have accompanied us since birth…

The answer

Welcome you, dear friend, with a big and friendly family As they say, welcome to the club! Thank you for the good rating, and in any case not be shy. A month is a long time. In exactly a month my close friend fell in love and sour, like vomit on the fresh air. From friendly guy to a pathetic human like. But the highest of hopes. I literally loved him like a brother. And once with him, this transformation has occurred over the last month, you we will try to reason exactly in a few minutes. Don’t know what you read, but I think this time should be enough, because by and large there is nothing to think.

You rightly said, from anxiety and doubt is not going anywhere. Doubting every step – this is normal. Maybe doubt cause a bit to reduce speed on a straight life, but after you understand the problem, you have the advantage. Even the Golden mountains not to run headlong, American citizens, peredachka in the California mines of times of the Gold rush, proof.

And it is right that before proceeding to the next step, you think about that, «and survive if that’s all your body.» There is nothing wrong with doubt, it is better to spend time to think before, than to regret then, choking with tons of hateful coffee, sitting in the office at night. To love you only when all of your innermost thoughts and dreams are realized, or making so much money that you’ll be able to buy a Slovakia 414 the Malaysian dancers and pavers to hire authors as personal clerks. But for this to work.

You’re 26 – no longer a boy. Apparently, you’re not one of those whiny of Garcons who have completed «the burner» just because parents said. In the profession you understand. But, you know, you can reach unprecedented heights, in order to ensure that the «key to life», as max Korzh, when you can do nothing, but still a lot afford. And for this we need to plow. It is clear that time will not be personal, as justice in the world. Trust me, it’s not the worst victim. There is worse. Anyway, getting something good, sooner or later have to give something in return. Someone gives a kidney to repay the loan, someone cut off her leg to escape the trap of a maniac, a psychopath looks doubtful, who gives her virginity to a producer to become a famous singer. You only need to sacrifice time. You now have a quiet comfortable work, but sooner or later in life you need to change something. So cheer on those damn change, so as not to regret later. If these suggestions don’t get more?

And then when you next time think about how to do the next step or remain in a familiar, but delightful swamp, remember your dreams and goals. If the hope is large, this step will have to do, despite serious consequences. If not, there is nothing to say, you yourself know everything. But remember the phrase of Dumas: «the easiest are those dreams in which no doubt.»

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