How to get rid of complexes

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Hey, dudes. I came to you for help, I need advice. I’m probably not alone in this regard, the fact that I am a notorious loser. I’m not confident and I find it very prevents. My complexes eat me. Don’t know what to do with it. I hope very much for your help, give an advice.


Hey, man. In fact, you surprised us with your question. It is strange that you still not solved this problem. Complexes really spoil your life, we don’t know how old you are, but in any case leave to do it eat, it is too late.

A lot of guys went through this. Including I. My complexes prevented me to pursue my dream and to be realized in society. I always said, «you can’t Do it. You can’t do it. You’ll never be a journalist».

Every day I was convinced that the path that I have planned does not suit me. I allegedly do not reach the level of their plans. Of course, I am a long time (several years) was loaded on this account. Everything was decided at some indefinite time. It was not spontaneous, but I definitely was not prepared. Just one day I realized that I don’t care on public opinion.

I didn’t care for the opinions of acquaintances, friends and even relatives who didn’t support me and my every small step forward pushed me 10 miles ago. After I realized that my fate is being decided only I, everything began to improve. And for some reason everyone was surprised that I slowly and surely began to realize their dreams. Well, Yes, because these people tried to get me to think that I am nothing, I have nothing, and I took it and broke off their.

They gave birth to me a complex that I have long suffered and slowly died from this burden of awareness of their helplessness, until one moment did not stop this farce. All I’m saying is that, as always, to solve this problem have only you. I was lucky that it was not necessary to engage in lengthy self-examination, then there were guys with who could help me with advice. You much easier, the main thing that you are trying to solve this problem, not sitting on your ass.

Let’s try to do something that will help you to understand the situation. You yourself must know what to do, you just probably lazy.

1. The reason

You should clearly understand what makes you this ugly complexes. You think you have the appearance sucks, that sucks you do that girls will not look in your direction? Whatever it is, you have to understand that the problem exists only in your mind.

Love happens to everyone, but would you not become just keep.

2. Rating

Soberly assess the situation. Not so: «I Have a crappy life, I’m the shit, and life is ashes.» I have noticed that there are no totally happy people who arrive in a state of satisfaction constantly. You should look back and realize this simple truth.

Beautiful people are miserable even to a greater extent than people with a unique appearance. Rich cursing his fortune. You’re looking at a pretty picture and think that your life is insignificant against this background. In fact it is not. You will understand as soon as you have brains.

3. Fears

Now for you the most important to get rid of fear. In the first place from fear of public opinion. Do you live not for himself but for these people? For these people, who have even no sense of tact? Come on, man. You should be spit on them. They are nothing to you, they have their own life, and let it do. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes, without them, no way. Take it easy to everything you say.

4. Faith

Don’t ask that you believe others, for a start he believe in themselves. What do you care what others think of you, if you yourself doubt your actions? Every time you have to tell yourself that everything will turn out how you would handle it. Well, if everything fails, then call yourself an idiot and beat on both cheeks, and not to throw on for wise counsel to friends.

5. And

Think about your strengths and love life. You must have some attractive features. Is there something you can do better than others. You are unique. Do not waste your precious days of life on an empty heartache. You are going to regret that I spent so much time wasted.

I’m still trying to convey to you the idea that you’re wasting your time on someone else’s discontent. Fuck you all who’s stopping you, and keep on the path to his dream.

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