How to get pleasure from learning foreign languages

Poradi.s. ua_18.07.2016_uAi5m87gAWrUwSometimes, went into the civilized cultural country like Kyrgyzstan and return in the dark Norilsk understand — gotta get away from here, to the South, where all is quiet. But here we have two of the most repulsive issues: where to get money for a ticket and how to get started among the population of another.

First easier how to earn quick and painless you can read on the pages of our publication obscene, the benefit you demanded a lot of such articles. We wrote a lot. But with the development of much more complicated, you need to survive in this cauldron of seething life of the new country, to learn to understand the language, traditions and culture. And the easiest way to learn the language. It is 70% of national identification. It built a culture (after all, writing was not always, and oral histories with nearly monkey time), and we swear, argue, threaten. In the end, it is a necessary tool of socialization and work. Except there’s one problem — language learning is a long process. Because as they say: «I Want to hate a foreign language — start to learn it». And if not, how should snesere, Ala ulyu, say «goodbye» in the hope to get a normal job, and freedom from oblique views of local residents. Well, God bless him, the importance of its clear and well known, but when you sit down to study, start to happen strange things: any desire to go, to move or to look for work abroad, and just to know the language by heart, disappears without a trace.

Mind plagued by the thought: «why another language if I know Russian», «what a terrible language how to learn», and the whole long and tedious process in the end turns of the exciting experience in heavy labor. This is disgusting vermicelli with milk, and massaging grandma’s heels. Fortunately, there are two progressive method of learning a language. More about them can be found on the website ruzzle-english.

Method Techera

Method Ticer for those who hesitantly says, even such a banal phrase as «My name is Zigfrid». Starts with the alphabet, learn pronunciation, sounds and transcription. Then teach correctly and beautifully to write English words and phrases, and most importantly — to understand what you write. It would seem — all as primitive as in school. But the question is how this knowledge is presented and in what shell. Interesting exercises, workouts and techniques are unlikely to bother. The main thing in any process, so it was interesting. How many kinosuke you looked, just because it was presented interesting? For the same reason I read books Darya Dontsova.

The course is divided into two levels:

— basic (405 lessons (45 exams), 15869 exercise 250 hours of training);

— initial (426 lessons (55 exams), 13146 exercises 280 hours of training).

Which one to choose is up to you. The only difference is the volume and number of training hours. At both levels you will be training, detailed explanations from live flesh-and-blood teachers who will carefully and meticulously analyze every you strange little thing, and a lot of interesting, non-trivial task, which I did not think one office. If that seems incomprehensible, then blame your carelessness. Because such explanations are not understanding anything very difficult.


Puzzle English

But Puzzle English — this is for those who know the differences between Present Simple from Present Perfect, but not able to apply this knowledge in practice. In the end, if you have already signed up for courses in the language, you can use Puzzle English for skills improvement. Plus, this method solves one of the main problems — lack of comprehension. Practice shows that in 2-3 months even mumbling drunk with a Yorkshire accent becomes legible and understandable.

Training on this method as well is based on the video tutorials, games and interesting tasks. Yes, did it seem to you there are taught, based on music videos and TV shows. Incidentally, the method is time-tested, all who have learned thus to understand spoken English a little better, and can laugh at the jokes of Chandler’s not even getting into the dictionary. At the same time will instantly get two very useful skills is to watch movies in the original language, not disfigured by newoperation and fast, actually did not hesitate to make suggestions. Plus 25 daily phrases — more than enough for self-advancement along the path of language learning.

manygoodtips.com_18.07.2016_elfT6I6VVgE9TThe main advantage of these methods — rote learning is not annoying, everything is stored by itself, especially the writing of new words and their pronunciation, which for many people is a real torment, their Ryazan «ze» takes place only after several months of intensive work with Tutors. In addition, each lesson you can listen to at least ten times (if something is not understood). You can always write a message to the teacher (when something do not agree or do not understand).

Another inherent plus methods they have mobile apps for iOS and Android, and now on the website there are cross-references to products. The most important thing in our time is mobility. Even if we are talking about learning.You have every reason to believe the author about the effectiveness of the article, but know. Yet you doubt — expensive tickets. Here, you can quickly and perfectly to learn the international language of communication.

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