How to get out of the network? Hello. I have this situation: in social networks, I am very sociable, but in real life a shy and taciturn. How to fix it? thank you very much for your work!)

Answer: first, you should know that people like you are becoming more and more, so before you begin to deal with the problem, prepare for the fact that it won’t be easy. Too many around you will be as socially active on the Internet and introverted, unsociable in the real world.

Second, the only way to fix your situation – get out of your comfort zone. That is, literally, force yourself to do something you is not easy. Start small – try to score on 2Gis and start to ask directions from strangers. Don’t hesitate to get questions sales assistants in shops, unable even to get a job as a salesman, or any other associated with a live communication work.

Often leave home – just to walk around, sit at the bar. It is clear that the society of strangers at first will cause you discomfort, so before alone to go to a bar, try to find a place where people gather who share your interests. Go to people, including young children or co-working on interesting you a lecture or a concert of a familiar group.

And most importantly, remember – just go somewhere is only half the battle. Talk to the people. Don’t be afraid to seem strange, and don’t be shy – this is an absolutely normal desire – to meet people offline. Only it is not necessary fanaticism. It is not necessary to force yourself and each evening to go in search of communication. With this approach, most likely, in a week you’ll get, and you will return to family and familiar social networks.

Move slowly, gradually. And then, over time, you will develop a taste for, and communication in the real world will become as important a part of your life that used to be the communication in the network.

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