How to get out of a sinking car

how to get out of a sinking car

We often tell you about useful: how to jump out of the car at full speed, how to land a plane how to survive a plane crash. We are fine, we don’t get lost. Now it was the turn of another vital skill is to get out of a sinking car. In the movie, many times I have seen people miraculously get out of the disappeared car. Today we will tell you about the technique of such a feat.

What to do if your car is sinking

Stay calm. When your car fills with water, it’s hard not to panic. But when the difference between life and death is literally minutes, clear head is absolutely necessary for survival. People often just drown because of panic. They lose the ability to think normally and not know what to do. There were even cases when people began to call on the phone! Panic in this case is death. Wasting energy on inefficient actions would deprive themselves of the opportunity to get out, nothing to spend precious oxygen and to shorten the period of time during which you will be able to hold their breath, climbing out of the car. Concentrate on what you need to do.

Don’t undo the belt. Experts on survival converge on the opinion that it is not necessary to give the belt until the very last second. It may seem very strange, but such action is not unreasonable. Water will be poured into the car. If you’re not strapped to a car seat, you’ll probably be pressed to the window or door will begin to float around the cabin. This is especially true when the machine goes down. Finally, if you’re handcuffed to the seat, it will be easier to break a side window than when you’re floating somewhere in the cabin.

Don’t wait until equal pressure! When the car starts to really sink, the difference between the pressure inside and outside makes it impossible for the venture to open the door. So usually people say to wait until the car fills with water to the top, so that the pressure inside and outside became the same, and then, likely, the door will be easier. However, the show «Mythbusters» and «Top Gear» tested this theory and discovered that it is controversial. So, the pressure equalizes in the end, but not at the same moment when the machine finishes filling up with water. It takes a little longer — likely, you’ll drown. In principle, this scheme can only work when you are patient, calm and save oxygen. In General, do not really expect to do so.

Promised the guys from Top Gear:

As soon as possible get out of through the door. The highest chance to survive is to open the door as soon as the car hit the water. You have to open the door until the water reached you to the waist. After that, the water pressure outside will not let you do this. Of course, if you accidentally entered or fell into the water, you’ll be in shock, the situation you desorientiert. Maybe you are not smart enough to immediately open the door, and then the pressure will rise. In this case you need a plan PT.

Open or break the window. If you can’t open the door, the window is the best window. If water line has not risen to the Windows, first try to just open the window. Contrary to popular belief, the «Mythbusters» proved that automatic Windows don’t break immediately from the water. However, if the car sinks, water pressure will not allow you to open them. This is the case when mechanical window better. Even if you have biceps the size of a three-liter jar, you will not be able to overcome the water pressure. It is better to break the glass.

If the window does not open, you have to break the side window to escape. It’s much harder than you thought, because the window is made of durable, tempered glass. To break a windshield it is not easier: they are made so that they were difficult to damage, and are laminated with a plastic film, which can lock you in the car. If you do push-UPS and pull-UPS, maybe you can break the side window with his elbow. Bay in the center of the window. It is very difficult. Water slows your movement and weakens the force of the blow. «Mythbusters» failed to crack the window glass steel work boot.

The best way to store anything in the cabin on such a case. For example, a special hammer, as I’m in the bus is a great option. It is made of durable steel and is good for breaking sturdy glass. Put it in the glove compartment in case of emergency: to interrupt the salon in search of the life-saving hammer is a senseless undertaking.

Get out through the window. If the water is still not got up to the Windows to get out through the window will be easy. If the water is outside the window, remember that once you break the glass, you will stun the flow of water. But you still have to swim. Look like Adam from «Mythbusters» breaks the window and gets out.

Get out through the door. If you can get away through the window does not work, last hope is to wait until balanced by the pressure inside the machine. Try to stay as calmly as possible. Don’t waste energy and oxygen in fruitless attempts to open the door before the water completely fills the car. Once that happens, wait a few seconds and only then make an attempt.

Swim to a safe place. Get out of the car and floats to the surface. If you disoriented and not know which way is up, look at the direction of the bubbles that you exhale, and swim back.

What to do with the passengers

For starters, don’t open the door to get out. While you’re out, the car will quickly fill with water and ban your passengers inside. Instead, open the door or break a window.

One person is already difficult to get out of the car. What to do if you carry passengers? For a start satisfy them. Take control of the situation and explain what you plan to do. When people understand the plan, they will calm down. Tell them not to unfasten the seat belt until you start to get out. Try to break the windshield to get out. It is big enough. It is also much easier to make sure everything got out, if everyone will have the same output.

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