How to get off the couch and go to the gym

grandpa in the gym

Training is hard. The temptation to skip them and forget that there are weights, dumbbells, jump rope and running, great. We all understand that, and everything is ready to succumb to this weakness. Here are some ways to banish those gloomy ideas and not feel worthless weakling.

1. To arrange a marathon of movies with Schwarzenegger

Open IMDb and pick which movies you’re interested in is a great way to uzradit your love for the gym. The Governor of California desperately bakes on movie screens, this mountain of muscle with nothing to confuse. Take a protein shake with the smell of popcorn, see the movie — and forward, to conquer the machines. You show up with a rod in hand before you have time to realize what actually happened.

2. Undress

Speaking of Arnie, there’s a famous story about how he motivated himself to workout legs. When he began his career as a bodybuilder, the upper and lower half of his body developed differently, and at the very early stages of their training Schwartz were photographed waist deep in the water. To overcome this, he cut off all his pants to shorts and forced himself to look at his puny calves. Obviously, it worked, so why don’t we take this method to adopt? Spending so much naked time as you can afford, you will be forced to accept the fact that you’re not perfect, and it will force you to work. You want to pump up their frail legs, flabby pectoral muscles to pull up the Delta — and also save money on clothes that (you understand) you don’t need.

3. Spend time in McDonalds

At ease, soldier, we didn’t come here to bring a protein shitting and eat 50 nuggets and to look to the future. Look who eat in McDuck, how eagerly they grab their food as they bellied and pimply. Smell of food, sweat, pay with loathing feel is the sweat from your pores is a special sauce — and the sight of you is your future.

4. Allow parents to show someone your baby pictures

You know what I mean. When you bring home a friend to introduce her to his parents after about eight seconds of meeting you she already knows your darkest secrets. Here is a picture of you, riding on your dog (it’s upsetting you because in the photo you five or even fifteen). Demonstration of masterpiece pictures is accompanied by awesome stories about how you were a goth, you wore a lot of studded bracelets, and then became a vegan and listening to the whole house Minor Threat, forbidding the mother to cook burgers. When you see how clumsy and helpless you were as a teenager, you will understand how you this far and will feel confident — and she just needed to go to the gym.

5. Allow yourself to be lazy

Nice to start the day with cardio in the gym to lift incredible weight and at nine in the morning you already feel like a boss when other people somehow sleepily crawls to his work. But if to look truth in the eye, who wants to Wake up so early to work on his body? You better slow down, practice after work, and it will do a much more impressive performance.

6. See the videos of workouts professional bodybuilders

If you’re sick of the usual average exercise look at professional bodybuilding. It’s very interesting and very inspiring. Of course, all these dudes on the screen are more like designed to kill androids, stuffed with fertilizer, but it is interesting to watch!

7. Break up with girlfriend

…she cheated on you, friend. With me. With a broad-shouldered man, who press, like a washing machine, and the biceps can’t hold with one hand. Next to it you cease to worry, and as a result you’re too relaxed and missed it. You have the whole year lay on the couch while your belly grew, and my feet lost weight. Now you have to remember the reasons why you used to want to be in shape. You were probably doing it to drive up to the girls to like yourself of anything. And it worked! You found yourself a friend, and the reason to be in the form disappeared.

Okay, just kidding. I’m not suggesting you need to quit your girlfriend, just think why you started. Start again to run, start to spend more time in the sun and fork for fruit and seafood. It’s not so difficult. The girl will appreciate.

8. More metal!

You can interpret this in different ways: change your music tastes, listen to hard music during training or becoming a Wolverine. Before you start to walk a year in drunk, to grow on the back of the head stupid long hair and his face — whiskers, before training it is better to listen to some cool motivating music. It will give you super secondrary attitude necessary for effective training.

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