How to get more sex

manygoodtips.com_29.07.2015_FjF5ifXoQ13NpWomen create complex. So complex that begins to itch in the area of the brain. As a wise man once said: «as long as alive and not married.» In order to understand them, need some time to break the brain, and in every word, to ponder, if this saying of Confucius. But actually everything is much simpler, you just need to know approach. And so in everything, even in sex. There is a real simple way how to get more from a simple message. When it comes to carnal pleasures, a woman’s body is divided into two completely independent from each other parts: the brain and the libido. They do not work simultaneously, but it is important to approach libido to bypass the brain. Women have been doing this with men for hundreds of years, now it is our time.


As usual she thinks? She used to see reptiles close to her boys, who are constantly trying to persuade her to have sex, trying to gain her attention and love. She used to choose and strongly believes that differently and cannot be. Accordingly, if you’re trying to win her interest, initially put themselves in a more dependent position. What happens if you just grow cold to her? Catastrophe, collapse! Such «elusive Avengers» the method for «closer-further», the essence of which is to change attitudes towards a particular girl. In one period of time you show interest in her, texting, flirting, happy Dating, singing serenades under the window, and then just back out without explanation. Conversation with her is so cold that the snot pouring. And less and less attention to her. She takes the initiative, and your value increases to the skies.

Then you’re back doing «closer» by continuing to flirt and make a date. Then again «next» and «close». Last for each of the periods, about a week or more depending on how soon it will react to your next. And best of all, no one knows who first make the intention in the direction of sex. Maybe it’s to melt the ice in your «indifference». But, with confidence to 90%, she will not refuse you. This is a good way to teach the girl to have sex.

However, there is essential. In this technique important is your determination. If inside you are mentally weak and afraid to offend the girl, it is likely that «more» would look too unnatural in your behavior. So you simply decide to do that.

More emotion – better sex

As already mentioned, the behavior of women must be carefully monitored. As for approaching ultrahazardous comet. At the same time she doesn’t want sex and the other can drag you into bed. The particular desire he may receive in the period immediately after a strong emotional experience. For example, after a fight, because the quarrel, like any other vivid experience activates the instinct of reproduction. But an endless quarrel to anything good will not, but striking a romantic date is quite another matter! If you will be able to plant the girl herself as a needle, is strictly emotional, the sex will be present in your relationships, always because of the emotions fan the flames of passion and build bridges of love and friendship.

Attention and touch

To know «the depths of all depths,» you have to understand that ladies remember and take into account every little thing. Notice even the moments when you to touch her one last time. If you’re a long time ignoring her, and then with a stoned face nasvay don Juan abruptly try to hit on her with compliments in style: «kitty, come on! I’m already hungry.» marvel not that she so weird with it.

You don’t even know how much it means your touch!

If you’re actually right touch at the right time, at designated hours, her thoughts will go in the direction best for you. Just do it often and gently, and don’t say for no reason: «Maybe have sex?» at the time, when you see a new part of «Smeshariki».


Romance has not been canceled and is unlikely to ever be canceled. No matter how much you been together: two months or twelve years. Every Mademoiselle dreams of romance, because, as mentioned above, it inflates from the heat homeliness of the hearth from Napalm. But of course, not everything is so simple, then again, need a subtle, elegant approach. The guys are more experienced know that in matters of romance it is better to just not ask questions. At all. Instead of pimping: a «What would you like to do on a Saturday night?» – should sound rough and confident: «on Saturday, get dressed up, we go to a restaurant and then I’ll ulubelu you Mature as a squirrel in mating season». And that’s all. Girls love it when the initiative comes from you. When you ask a question, you put your arms around her brain, which, remember, can not work simultaneously with libido. When are you planning for her, then put her in a position where she can’t refuse. All her thoughts only about the warm and sincere gratitude that evening. By the way, the sooner you warn of «Saturday plans», the hotter it will return. Amazed by the Mademoiselle will think about it for several days. In the result, it just break from the overflowing feelings, and you get this response, which may not have experienced before. So romantic music, delicious food, good wine and pleasant experience.

A compliment for a compliment

One clever fuck said that women love with their ears. So before you send her to the country of pleasure in the physical plane, send her back in fantasy. A kind word and a nice dog. No, do not take such a comparison for insulting of the female gender. It was an accident. So show all the imagination and you have to smother her with compliments before beginning the act of love and happiness. Not only goats, without there: «Hey, beautiful!» and «Babe, want to ride on my leather Python?» It can nose to get. This way you the brain first captures and open a direct passage to the springboard called libido. And there are already try to show their best side. For us men!

Better be such that it automatically wanted to do it with you. When you will be able not just to get sex. Are you going to run away from her, because in reality girls like to do it more than we do. So make love, how we love along with us, love us better.

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