How to get more of the books they read

Many guys constantly talking about books, games and movies that have changed their lives, forced to look at some things differently and just blew their minds, shook me all unnecessary stuff and put something new. In the world indeed there are books that undermine our perception of reality and make you feel different. But this occurs not so often, I would even say that is quite rare! Most often the man, which is not so frequently opened books, kerevat from the fact that in the books, which seemed to him boring, there is some supermagnetic, which he had never heard before. He swears by this fact, feeling incredibly enlightened and thinks that in her life was something incredible. This incredible is equivalent to that from the sky came Chtulhu and showed him with tentacles the right way. Really dude just surprised at the fact that it happens in life! Such metamorphosis occurred in the life of a guy because he used to read too little or too much homogeneous literature. I agree, 500 important books or 500 shit fantasy books of a writer Ivanov about the adventures of the dark Rusich Daniel to Utena are two different things.

Understand, this effect can produce very different books. Someone will read Thomas Mann, something of a rethink and go on. Someone’ll freak from Schopenhauer. Someone’s world view will change after reading a University of manuals on philosophy, and someone — after reading some entertainment novel type Akunin. The perception and erudition. A well-read person is very difficult to hit, he was reading so many and such different genres, that even «the major novels of the century» he will get useful idea and forget. While for some, «it will change the world.»

Who Minaev, Dontsov and Coelho seem fucking books, full of hidden subtexts! I’m serious. This is because man is frankly not ready for what takes place on the pages of books, for it is a whole new experience. Perhaps due to the fact that he had read a little, but it so happens that this literature is something quite different, like a man and pushes him to new shades of perception. I can cite the example of my mom and her friends. We house a huge collection of books, hundreds of volumes, which is difficult to get people in the Soviet era. Classic, a valid Western literature and philosophy, Soviet writers and the winners of the various awards. But mom like modern detectives, because they don’t like what it was before, but it is not much different from what she was used to. Welsh, Bukowski, and even Pelevin her slip I can’t: it’s too different from her ideas of what books not swear or do drugs. She reads all the modern shit and even the same Coelho and Minaeva, because she’s something completely different, but still similar to what she was used to.

How to get more books?

This is painfully subjective advice. Someone will say that it will be different, and would probably be right, but I still continue. Reading books is like conversation, about something similar is said Descartes. You’re talking to a person from the past or present, find in his words something new and trying to find the answer to his thoughts in his heart. Therefore, you have to understand that reading is a conversation. Books can not be read mindlessly for the simple reason that such a reading less catchy. Books need to think things through, to pass through itself, to select the characters to experience and think about their statements. The author puts forward a message or moral — don’t agree, think over the topic, argue with him in the spirit of: «Shit your the glass bead game, Hesse! The idea questionable!» On the websites of the recommendation to always have thousands of enthusiastic reviews on books like «the Master and Margarita», I doubt that all of these people are enthusiastic about every aspect of the novel, each character and all. Lead the dialogue, man, it’s cool!

Authors write works reflecting his inner world, fears, experiences. As they say, the picture is always visible to the ears of the artist. The author can be wrong, no matter how brilliant he was, how would he not sung would be laudatory odes from hipsters, his point of view — just a point of view, not the truth, so you should not take for granted. It is to argue, to think about it and then agree.

Another thing — the spirit of books. Sometimes you feel so wrapped that your brain is not able to perceive serious information. In this state, the reading of serious philosophical literature, psychological treatises, and even science-the priest transforms into gum. For each type of literature needs to be your attitude. One of the classics, modern literature — other, in nonfiction, the third and so on. A good reader must consider your mood to be better critic.

Of course, every article or book can be read in a different perception. Someone will find in the book of political satire, one response to their spiritual experiences, while others will not find anything. And it is even correct.

The number of books

Chase number of books silly. Someone will read a huge number of cheap detectives, strange books of modern writers that the world is 9000 years old, and someone will read much less, but better. What do you mean better? This is very subjective, but in any case, even the most miserable of top books that can help you at least in the question «What to read?» So don’t chase the amount you read, you just need to read a lot of different literature. And, it is desirable not to stop.

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