How to get more enjoyment out of your cigars

manygoodtips.com_19.05.2014_unvYV7glj6vXQThe culture of wine drinking and cigar Smoking is not as different as it may seem. Both rely on personal taste and sense of smell, they both require technique and knowledge of history to get the process enjoyable. With cigars all seems not so difficult: you take a cigarette, light, inhale enough smoke, and then exhale. Besides these basic steps there are less obvious rituals. How to get more pleasure from Smoking cigars?


There is no better way to feel every note of the fragrance of a cigar, than to allow the smoke to fill your mouth. So you will understand the tiniest hints of its taste and be able to appreciate its quality — all inaccessible to the person who just popahivaet smoke. The first time try to do it alone, otherwise you will not escape suspicious views.

To start, cut a cigar, light it and breathe in the smoke. When the smoke will be in your mouth, perechitivay it here and there. For this you will have to move my face, the smoke from the mouth does not run away. You’ll look like a foolish frog, but if I move the cheeks will help you to recognize all the taste of a cigar.

Instead of immediately exhale the smoke, let it linger in your mouth a little longer. So you will start to sense new flavors and notes, which was not apparent in the first few seconds.

All the attention is on aesthetics

Remember the saying «don’t judge a book by its cover»? In the literature, all it is, but when it comes to buying cigars, forget about it and not remember. Appearance of a cigar can say a lot about its quality, taste and price.

The first thing you should pay attention to is the tobacco leaf that it’s wrapped. Before you decide to buy a cigar, a closer look at this piece. Look at him close. If the veins on the leaves are small, the greater the chance that the cigar will be much better than the one surface of which is dotted with deep furrows and thick veins.

Then look how the leaves are wrapped cigar, that are adjacent to it. They held tightly to each other and between them is empty space in or between them is a gaping void? How to look like a cigar filled with tobacco leaves? They are made up or twisted? They are different colors? This means that the production used different varieties of tobacco.

The quality of the cigar is very strongly influenced by the technology of its production. Knowing these details, you’ll choose a decent copy.

Choose your flavor

Perhaps the best way to provide an unforgettable Smoking experience is a pre — researching the market and read reviews on cigars. So you will know which varieties and instances offer the best ratio «price — quality». Before you order cigars online or go to the local tobacconist, give a little time to educate themselves.

A review on the cigars will tell you what you should pay attention as well as Orient you to the variety of flavors and tastes of different varieties of tobacco.

If lately you’re constantly making a choice in favor of one and the same, get out of my comfort zone and try something new — you’ll be pleasantly surprised. We acklimatiseras to the fact that we use most often, however, changing the cigar menu from time to time required.

Good luck!

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