How to get manly this was done your mom, now you’re hoping to get a girl, whose cherished dream is going to cook you a soup and to collect in a single collection scattered around the house socks. Dude, do not go! Even if you’re riding in the coolest car, wearing an expensive suit, a pigsty in your apartment can destroy the libido of any girls invited. The man himself had to clean up after yourself. Such a simple and hated by many thing, like cleaning the apartment, reinforces the discipline, contributes to organization and productivity, and improves mood. All you need is the technique, developed by the Guild of Cleaners Accidents, and a few simple tools. Need an inventory, I hope, in your house there, and by the method of the five steps we’ll be happy to describe.


  • beer – 2 bottles;
  • the source of loud and exciting music;
  • cleaning products;
  • microfiber cloth;
  • vacuum cleaner;
  • MOP.



The next couple of hours will not be fun and enjoyable in your life. Open beer, turn on at full volume great music. Rhythm, bass and a quick tempo will help to disperse the sadness from the upcoming labor feat. In General, a little bit of foam and rock music will make this experience more tolerable.


No point in cleaning if around mess. Your house as before will look like a cesspool, if you don’t clear the room from the accounts that came in the mail, the shoes lying around the corridor, empty bottles of soda and alcohol, clothes, working papers or notebooks, lectures, etc. All these need to go. Let’s not schlock! Just do it!


Now for the dust. Your old underwear or a piece of shirt will not fit. The best variant – well-pressed from damp microfiber cloth. It leaves no residue and absorbs the dust without raising it into the air. When you switch to a new skill level, can use furniture Polish, but for now this will suffice. Cleanse the maximum number of different surfaces and planes. If you’re not lazy, in the final, your house will Shine like a cat’s eggs!


Drink more beer. You’ve earned, but not yet finished.


The principle is the same as with cleaning the dust. Pull the tube and nozzle mechanism even where no penetrating rays of the sun. The more you vacuum the floor, even if it is Persian rugs, the easier to wash in the future. The beginner will be enough mops and rags, but those who decided to achieve in this field, recognition, honor and glory, will have to wield arms, scaring the dust on every inch of flooring.


And in the final you will meet with the main «boss» is your bathroom and toilet. And this time, you can’t do it cowardly to run away from this duty. Unfortunately, for most women cocksucking toilet is unacceptable. So, where to start?

1. Generously fill powder toilet detergent and leave it so you have something else to do.

2. Wipe mirror with paper towel and glass cleaner.

3. Clean the sink using a universal detergent. Then wipe again with paper towel.

4. Wipe the barrels of the toilet bowl, seat, lid, rim, and then start to wield a brush. Wash.

5. Wash your hands. Drink that beer. Invite a friend to visit.

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