How to get killer press


You probably already thought about the fact that it is summer, and that means you Willy-nilly will have to take off your shirt in public – right, dude? And remove the t-shirt when hanging limp under her folds of fat, a bit awkward. Something to do with that. What? Now we’ll teach you.

1. Remember: you already have a press

So, underneath all those noodles, dumplings and steaks you have in any is press. The fact that you use the press every day. You use them to eat, have sex and eat while having sex. It turns out that you drugged, just don’t know it.

2. Electromagnetic belts, special bandages, and so forth – bullshit

In 99 cases out of 100 you don’t have a cool press, not because you have not discovered the secret of some super-efficient workout. When I was 13, and shopping on TV was just starting its triumphal March through the channels of our long-suffering television, I assumed that all these electromagnetic belts’t work. Then made sure millions. Perhaps this proves I’m a real genius fitness. Well, I have common sense.

3. Press done in the kitchen

girl eating a banana

Overall fitness is 70% diet and 30% training. What to press, and even more so 95% diet and 5% exercise. Don’t believe me? This guy – drew Bay, and he spent six months not doing exercises for abs.

how to get' ubijstvennyj press 0762267414

Sorry, pics no longer found. I still think that diet doesn’t matter? Eating healthy, friend!

4. Reduce the number of crunches to the base

Now you know what you need to focus on diet, to reduce the number of crunches to two most effective. Very effective exercises «Bicycle»…

either an exercise bike

and «captain’s chair».

the captain's chair

5. Food tricks

Our body is so constituted that it simply has to have 8% body fat. It constantly strives for balance, wants to be bold and stable, but not skinny and lean.

Even if you are on a restricted diet, it is possible that one day you will be broken and you know yourself the belly or the body gets used to the diet and still begin to lay fat in reserve. A great solution to this problem – cheat meal. What is it? Once in two to three weeks allow yourself to eat what you want, but only in one meal. Should work.

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