How to get back girlfriend if you went to the left life anything can happen. Especially if you have a problem with alcohol and self-control. In one very cool moment to Wake up in bed with a girl who is not your friend. And as we know, the secret always becomes obvious. Your girlfriend told «well-wishers», or she figured it out. You had a phenomenal scandal, and you fled. And now you unexpectedly understand that you want to be with her, despite the fact that can’t keep his Johnson in his pants. However, cheating is not always what we think about it! Maybe I should give you another chance and try to begin with a girl over?

1. The girl you banged much hotter than yours

About this is a real problem! It’s safe to say that you fucked his girlfriend right in the head. Some girls are completely irrational, resulting in a huge love for dodelyvanii for you. Even if the woman you were in bed has a unique advantage in the form of beautiful eyebrows, your friend will begin the greatest way to get a complex. She argues on the principle that if you slept with her, then she is better. And often they did not come to mind that it is not so. So, if you want, so it was not terribly complexes and chase that you cheated, in social networks, you need to call a Frank talk with her and diligently to convince her that this lady just got under the hot hand, and you now very ashamed that you cheated on your beautiful face with the girl of lower rank. If you want you can convince her that the incredible blinding beauty it worse because your lady has beautiful eyes and a mole above her lip like Marilyn Monroe. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, man.

2. Work on your weaknesses

In any relationship there is such a thing that annoys your friend. It can be anything: you get fat, lick a plate, farting and scratching myself at the moment, a lot playing computer games, rude and junk food. To bring her back, show her that you are ready to change, specially and only for her. Of course, this means that any of your harmful, but it is a favorite habit, must sink into Oblivion, and you need to be corrected, otherwise, the girl quickly will understand that you don’t really want to get her back.

3. Enlist the support of her friends

Every woman has girlfriends and male friends. Although there is no. The last type of people is not every girl in friends, but often they are for his girlfriend to finish. It is not even the desire to have sex, they seriously may very well relate to the girl, and completely Platonic. If you talked to them, and they become your comrades, the situation is slightly increased when they learn about your betrayal. It may even be that they will beat your face in.

Good work for telling dudes to support her comrades. If you have had a good relationship with them, a very big chance that they will be on your side and you can easily convince her that you the devil made me do it or «every man it happens». If the relationship is friendly, but not friendly, you can talk to them heart-to-heart and change her friends (and even girlfriends) under its banner. Here as lucky. Some comrades do not care for the intimate relationship.

4. Remember the little things

If you can convince the girl that it was all a terrible mistake, you need some way to fix the relationship and your progress. One of the most important things, as we have noted above, is to remember that each friend gets really happy when we remember different things. For example, when you stand in the store and glut food for the house. It’s time to notice her favorite ice cream in the fridge and ask, «Honey, here’s your favorite ice cream, you want one?» I assure you, she will not be happy with the fact sweets, and what you remember about her tastes. If we remember different things, for girls it is an indication that we are of interest to them.

A small time interval, when are you going to give her much attention, utterly’ll be nice and take it a habit to bestow its different and not very useful nishtyak, help the lady to believe that you regret. No matter how much a gesture of attention, the main thing — the fact of its existence. Everything is just nice and hints at a particular value of this girl for you. On the other hand, if you’re stalling, your girlfriend (if she’s not materialistic) will quickly pick up on what you want to buy her forgiveness. And here she is right.

5. Remember the previous four things, but not much hope for them

All these tips are not a panacea. Big chance that they absolutely will not work, because a lot of people do not tolerate cheating at all. And they can understand why we need additional foci of stress in life and eternal reminders about mistakes? Much easier to start over without the burden of excess baggage and the fact that they have changed. If you can’t keep your dick in your pants, but want to have a constant girl, choose wisely! On two chairs to sit impossible!

Gifts and sucking up will not remedy the situation, if she decided to break up with you. Do you know why? Because all of your actions cause her pity and irritation! And you screwed up, but you’re still the man! No one wants to date a spineless noodles that can’t take responsibility for their actions and genitals. The point is that we need to maintain dignity, and to understand that if she doesn’t want to rekindle the relationship it is her right. Not Noah, heal wounds and start a new life.

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