How to get back ex-girlfriend

how to get back ex-girlfriend

The oldest story in the world: you broke up, you love her, you want her back.

Whenever there was a break: yesterday, three months or a year ago, even if she’s seeing someone, there is always a way to get back the girl that owns your heart.

Take your time and step by step carry out our instructions. Maybe she’ll give you a second chance if you believe. As in everything else in life, the important things are worth the effort.

1. Spend some time alone

It’s the first rule: after a breakup you always need to spend some time alone. You got to promise not to contact his girlfriend at least two weeks.

Breakups can really hurt, to be heavy, cause you a storm of emotions, and may be relatively smooth. Plus, you have time to understand how you feel about her, how do you rate your separation, the reasons are for him and how strong your desire to get her back.

2. Concentrate on what you want

During these lonely weeks the more you think about yourself. Enjoy your solitude, enjoy life without having to constantly compromise and examine yourself: who are you? What do you want?

Join a gym, find a new style, go somewhere with friends, make new acquaintances, find a new hobby. There is nothing more sexy than a man who has a life. This will help you once again become valuable in her eyes and to bring the situation under control.

And even if it is the time that you spend entirely on yourself, nothing wrong to rate other girls in close proximity — so you’ll validate their feelings, and intentions: do you want the girl back? If during these two weeks you still cherish the thought, move on to the next step.

3. Understand why your girlfriend left you

The first step to the return of ex-girlfriend is to think carefully about why she left and why you stopped it in the first place. No woman will take you back, if you don’t get rid of the reason you broke up.

So think, do not be lazy. Think much, well, detail. Ask yourself the following questions:

What she said to you at parting?

Something foretold that she dump you?

She said why she doesn’t love you anymore?

Of course, you can endlessly to think that it has changed, but most likely it is to break hinted to you that she need from you that you had to change.

4. Get her

If, after a busy life for myself, you still want to be with her, it’s time to make ourselves known and to take action to return it. Which method you choose (call, SMS, post to social networks), it is important to be light and playful. Don’t need tragedy and suffering.

A message from the category «we need to talk» or «I want you back» too difficult to understand and not add to her desire to meet with you. Show her that you’re positive that you’re easy to talk — you’ve become much better since your last meeting. you have to interest her in its novelty.

5. Behave just

Your first meeting after breaking up can be very exciting, but remember: it is vital to be cool. No matter how much time had passed, two weeks or two years, you need to keep face. We have to meet up with for lunch or coffee, like it with a friend. Something grander will require you more mental strength, circumstances a La the date may be harder to impress her.

It will make you think that you want her. So it is better to be simple, have fun, flirt casually. Do you want to show her guy that she fell in love with and not the person with whom she broke up.

6. Continue to meet from time to time

If after the first meeting have you changed your mind and still want the girl back, go on from time to time to see her.

Please note: we constantly emphasize on the need as often as you can to ask yourself whether you want to be with her again. Many men are too addicted to the process and do not take the trouble to consider whether they need it, and if necessary, why. If you want her back, it means that your relationship will move to a new level, so you need to be hundred percent sure that’s what you want.

7. In the maelstrom of head

After a few irregular meetings (if you still haven’t lost the desire to return to it) may affect this subject: what have you learned over the time without her.

Tell her you’re pondering over the cause of the break and work on yourself. You need to convince her that you grew up and you heard her words.

8. Work

After the happy world of sex (required) and a happy reunion it’s time for qualitative changes and working on the relationship. Something you understand being far away from each other, it is necessary to bring to life, we should work on this.

No need to return it for a week — need to do this for a long time, maybe even forever, if he and the girl of your dreams. Show me what you really want to continue your relationship, how you’ve changed. You have a lot to talk constantly and to be patient. If you do so, I promise, you will long together.

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