How to get adrenaline without risk to health


What to do man, if he wants extreme feelings and bright emotions, but not willing to risk their health for the sake of adrenaline rush? It seems this question has no answer. Any extreme activity requires certain risks. Somewhere they are huge, like in skydiving, but somewhere minimized, like in wakeboarding. About it and we will discuss in this article.

Wakeboarding arose in the early 90-ies. We can say that he made a real revolution in the world of water sports, such as snowboarding at the time in the winter competition. Like everything great in our world, the idea came spontaneously. A group of enthusiasts came up with to ride behind a boat on a surfboard, not to wait for the wave forever. In the end, all become one of the most spectacular sports with their culture and philosophy.

Varieties of wakeboarding

There are two varieties of wakeboarding. The first is riding a moving transport. It can be a boat or jet ski. The advantage of this method is that the boat, for example, immediately makes a wave which you can perform various stunts, holding the attached rope with handle, a tether. Most often this method is used in an open area, the sea or the lake. It fits more prepared people who have already mastered some of the basics of this sport.

The second kind is cable wakeboarding. Is it due to the traction hoist reverse or circular motion. This species often begins learning this sport. Inherently cable wakeboarding is no different from a boat, but has some differences. First, it is suitable for people of any age and with any physical training.

Second, it is much cheaper and therefore more accessible, due to the fact that the cites mechanism does not need refueling, the driver and maintenance. This is usually a wire that stretched over the pond and has a special remote control and different speed modes. It is the availability and ease to use and makes cable wakeboarding so popular. Thirdly, it is much faster to develop in you the skills of a true professional.

Often local Catania equipped with special ramps (snowboarders will understand). After the fall you just again put on the Board (if it is not fixed on your feet), take the halyard and go to learn a variety of tricks again and again.

How to learn wakeboarding


To learn wakeboarding is not so difficult. To start, of course, better with the tumbling sessions on a trampoline and in specialized halls. Having mastered the basic techniques of the group, you can learn how to fall. Yes, fall, because we cannot do without them. There is nothing complicated, but if you don’t have a clue about the correct fall, it is possible to get injured at the beginning of riding.

Also, do not be amiss to bring your physical condition in shape. As wabaningo are utilized almost all muscle groups, it is important not to get carried away riding first class. 5-10 minutes for one set and 3-5 approaches is enough to understand the basic principles of riding and coping with the normal stance on the Board. For a start it would be sufficient.

If you consider wakeboarding as fun, then after 2-3 visits Wake Park you will be able to make turns at speed and the basics start to jerk. It is not necessary to be a hero and try to do stunts on a jump, rail or pipe already in the first classes. We also shouldn’t forget a life jacket. It will keep you on the water while you put on the Board after a fall. Don’t think that drops will not. They happen to the most experienced athletes. As you know, who doesn’t fall, he rises!

The development of wakeboarding

Now in Europe there are more than 100 wakeboard parks. In Russia the figure is not that big — about 15, but the speed at which new Wake parks are opening in our country makes one believe that wakeboarding could soon become one of the most accessible extreme activities. Usually in large cities, hydrous Wake parks is not found. They are often located in nearby settlements: villages, protected areas and recreational parks. They are usually equipped with several cable paths, which are attended by instructors and the necessary infrastructure. into the Wake Park

In order to experience the full range of emotions from skiing to wakeboarding, we decided to head to the nearest edition hydrous Wake Park. It is located in the village of Seversk, 30 kilometers from the city of Krasnodar. ClubZO Wake Park is located in the country club surroundings, with excellent infrastructure. As they say — for all people. Hydrous Wake Park is surrounded by soccer and tennis fields, swimming pools, a café, a paintball field, a hotel complex and much more. This is great, but our main goal was just to hydrous Wake Park.

On arrival we were greeted by friendly instructors, cozy area for a comfortable stay and two winches for wakeboarding. One 180-metre and one 150. They are equipped with four trampolines, they’re kickers (2 XXL, and 2 M), 12—meter pipe and a 16-foot slider. Guys instructors told us about the numerous events held in Wake Park ClubZO.

We came to ride not on the weekend, so we were not able to get into hip-hop Weekend, testing a cool new boards, BBQ party, night rides, and other cool hangouts of this a wakeboarding Park. To get to cool event you can certainly, and on weekdays, but you need to follow all the news. It can be done at the Wake Park ClubZO Vkontakte.The main purpose of our trip was to learn how to stand on the Board and get unforgettable emotions for writing a great article. The best thing about this will tell our reviews, because they are not invented just to write an article. This really is a wonderful way to spend time and get unforgettable emotions. But if you go here a big company, it did become one of the coolest days in your life!


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At first I thought that wakeboarding is similar to snowboarding. But everything is a little bit different. To get up and deal with the Board turned on the first attempt, however, after a few meters the balance I could not keep. By the way, does not hurt to fall. Control Board is not quite difficult, however, unless it comes to turns.

Liked the feeling of speed, wind in your face and the feeling of complete control over his body. A great summer holiday. After 5-6 attempts to get a little tired — especially the hands, but it’s all compensated with emotions and the help of an instructor. Honestly, I had a desire to learn wakeboarding. By the way, the tracks are ramps, which is very

I wanted to try to jump. But you need more experience. Will definitely come back here again and again!Theodore Gray Hairs


Explosive excitement! This is how to catch a naughty mermaid spinning, and she ozverev pain begins to carry you across the water. But you don’t release the bait, you’re in ecstasy, you’re like the Silver Surfer, but doesn’t glide across the sky and on the water surface, where an hour ago elm, like a monkey in a jelly. In 7th grade I had an accident on a motorcycle with a sidecar and, as a result of collision, flew out of the cradle, flying 50 meters in the air. So, it does not go to any comparison with a wakeboard.

Wakeboard — it’s a dream, it’s wings, first love, first kiss. This is a new opportunity, a pleasant languor and a close acquaintance with water. This is another opportunity to look at water from another angle.



To be honest, I never thought that I will love wakeboarding. I thought that the day will be long, but the reality was quite different. During the break between sets it was possible to sunbathe on comfortable grounds with a gazebo, sun loungers and soft puffs. There are even charge the phone to take good pictures!

After watching the ride guys, I thought it was not so difficult. Indeed, to ride in a straight line was not difficult, but to return at the end was not easy. Well the instructor got experienced and found the right words for everyone. When I was able to turn and drive a few laps without falling down, became more interesting.

Sensations inexpressible! Will definitely come here for a weekend to improve your skills and learn how to do various tricks.


We would like to talk about the upcoming event at hydrous Wake Park ClubZO. It is called BAJO-NINJA WAKE CAMP2 and by popular demand will be repeated again on August 22. This is the second such event this summer. The first was held here from 20 to 26 June. What is it about? For a whole week, you go to the center of a wakeboarding party. There are going to both professional and novice wakeboarders to exchange experiences and communicate on various topics. The program of the event includes not only the skiing available and the night gatherings around the campfire singing songs with a guitar. Here everything is on time.

The first day you will meet professional instructors. If you’re a beginner, you will learn the theory and safety. If you’re already a seasoned wakeboarder, we will help you to learn new tricks and tell you what to do with possible errors. Every day here is filled with events that will allow you to spend time usefully. Also food and accommodation does not cause any issues. You settled in a comfortable cottage, and Breakfast, lunch and dinner is always on schedule.

During your stay you will visit trampoline center to pull acrobatic stunts on the ground and use them in the future is on the water. Also at your disposal sauna, watching movies in the company and even fan challenges to sum up the stay at such an interesting event as BAJO-NINJA WAKE CAMP2. A storm of emotions, new friends and fond memories guaranteed!

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