How to get a visa for immigration to USA

manygoodtips.com_17.10.2016_nA4ecTLcuW8vFFor America’s immigrants has always been a problem number 1 — just ask any Indian. Nevertheless, the US remains open to those who are willing to become a citizen of «the world’s largest country.» But here’s the situation: every year immigrants here spent up to 300 billion dollars a year, and in view of uncertainty of the forthcoming elections, it becomes difficult to tell which direction will change the conditions for obtaining the coveted green card. A lot of people believes that the above costs are too high and propose to increase the waiting period for citizenship, and limit the program for the reunification of family members and increase the cost of immigration services. At the same time, there is hope for the abolition of quotas on work visas. Anyway, the situation is unstable and if you think about moving to the US, as quickly as possible.

Russia was a country as «great», but there is nothing wrong to leave her forever. Laws, degrading the rights; poverty; political immorality; police brutality; ignorance; lack of confidence in the successful future of the country — problems everywhere. Some time, we were equal to the West, but now it is necessary to admit that Russia is still a long time to be a developing country, although even the fact of development is now easy to question. But what the citizen does not take away are rights to a decent life, albeit in another state. If you’re mentally and financially ready to leave the country — it is time for legal training.

Previously, with the assistance of experts from American Corporate Services, Inc. — a law firm helps to immigrate to the United States since 1991 we have already briefly discussed the options of direct and indirect immigration. Now let’s talk about each of them separately for you to soberly assess their capabilities.Question about how to fall into the category of refugee, consider the following article. Just be warned: if you’re a scientist invented a cure for aging, can immediately go to the end of this article.


To the Russian education can be viewed as anything, but the fact is that the majority of graduates, especially science, I just do not see further opportunities for development in our country.

Here is what Gregory from Novosibirsk:

«After school I knew exactly what was going to enroll in our medical University. The problem with this arose because I was well prepared. But, after two years, I realized that my little knowledge that I get here, and that our medicine is hopelessly behind the world. The last argument was my classmates. Watching student’s life, especially how «zeal» they learn, I decided I didn’t want subsequently, these people treated me or my loved ones.»

If in your life the same situation, then it’s time to think about getting a visa category F-1. Additional family member will receive category F-2. First of all, of course, you must join the American UNIVERSITY — trust me, this is much harder than fooling with visa. The difficulty lies in the fact that this visa provides for your return home after graduation, but if you will be able to find an employer, then all will be well. But when you ask them the answer that will certainly go home as soon as you complete the course. It is also recommended to have on hand an invitation to the UNIVERSITY, a training program, correspondence with newsroom and other documents for a sample of letters and publications of your work.

The priest

manygoodtips.com_17.10.2016_QNCjbweUNiM4sNo matter what the religion — there all equal. Of course, with the visa R-1 also need confirmation that you got a job here from a local organization for a specified period. Besides already behind it should be two years of work experience in confession, which is recognized in the United States voluntary non-profit religious organization. And yet there is one underwater stone — to gain a foothold if the last time failed (five years — a period in which you can apply for a green card), will have to wait a year before you can apply for an R-1 again. And don’t forget solemnly to assure the Commission that I will return home immediately after the expiry of the visa — sincerely, otherwise the celestial court, all you will remember.

Jaroslaw, Lvov

«After receiving a master’s degree at the Lviv Ukrainian Catholic University I almost immediately invited to work at the University of Notre Dame in the United States. Honestly, America has become my country where you want to live. I still have time to think, and, most likely, after the expiry of my work here, I will make every effort to stay and get a green card and live here as full citizens».

It should be noted that under the priest refers to various vocation: pastor or Rabbi, a monk, a soloist in the Church choir, missionary, Church officials and even a translator — taking the last of it often enough, as the American and Russian churches are cooperating very closely. So, between us, even if you’re not the faithful servant of God, the chances of getting a visa there is no genuflection before the altar. By the way, if your family is moving (it is a category R-2), be calm, the child can go to school and get desired education.


The category L is not easy to get, and it is designed specifically for travel managers and professionals to work in the United States. The main condition — established relations between the Russian parent and subsidiary American companies, if we are talking about the exchange of personnel. If you intend to maintain or expand the business, then for you there is a category E requires binding status of TFN, or ownership of at least 50% of your company to individuals with TFN. In addition, the share of turnover of your business in the United States and the country with the status of TFN exceed 50%. Trade relations, of course, should already be established.

Matthew, Krasnodar

«For 10 years I realized that my scale businessman closely in domestic spaces, are above the head can not jump, although the head thinks very good. On Mature reflection, I came to the conclusion that it is necessary to gradually get outta here, preferably to a country where I could turn to the fullest. Of course, this country, in my understanding, is America. Rather, the United States, whose economy is not the most stable in the world.»By the way, the L visa is not an immigration, i.e. it is temporary, so if you want to stay for permanent residence, they must apply for EB-1C. By the way, its presence will greatly facilitate this task. In the category of most EB figures. 1 — for managers and Directors, 2 — for professionals, 3 for average workers and low-skilled 5 — for investors. To understand this is not easy, so it is better to seek the assistance of experienced lawyers.


manygoodtips.com_17.10.2016_E3ee8tr1eDvbMUsually, a work visa (H1-B) give a period of 1-3 years with extensions up to 6 years. The conditions are the same, but require a higher education. However, if the «tower» no, help documents confirming your work in famous companies or recognition for outstanding achievement. But most often have to rely on EB-3 — this visa is given not only to University graduates (category A) and medium-skilled workers (B).

Maria, Saratov

«I always wanted to see Broadway and wander through the streets of Manhattan. Alas, but life is so complicated that the higher education I received, but was able to achieve success in volunteering. I’ve helped people and was very happy when I received an invitation from our American colleagues. And even more delighted to learn that moving back is not necessary to be seven spans in a forehead» and pay a lot of money».However, there is a catch: the specialty should be quoted in the United States, that is, there must not be enough of such skilled workers like you. And, of course, the US would not be a land of opportunity, not whether there is chance for workers with low skills (C). In any case, an invitation from the employer should already be on hand.


The last and most difficult category is O. there is no quota restricting the quantity and it is not tied to the employer, allowing you to modify it, being in the USA. The catch is that they give it only to people who have shown outstanding ability in arts, science, education, business or athletics who have achieved great heights in film or television industry and have national or international recognition. So if you made a great opening (the fridge door doesn’t count) or got a Grammy, then I could really care less about the other categories.

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