How to get a good job if you have no experience

manygoodtips.com_9.06.2014_ZO7fJjGTJLzQ2Let’s face it, some places are hard to get, even if you had everything you needed from brown University, a recommendation from the «right people», and also many years of experience. Needless to say the three letters, as a rule, leave young graduates with work experience except at McDonald’s?

But we should not give up before you lifted your ass off the couch. To get an interesting job without any experience is difficult, but possible if you know a few important points.

1. Make a plan of action

So, do you want this job. In order not to fall into despair from the first seconds of viewing requirements to the candidate, remember that no one becomes a highly qualified specialist, just listening to the lectures at the University. Many skills can only be purchased in the process. A systematized approach to business — analyze which of the requirements to the candidate you already meet, and have something to learn. Make a plan for how you will move towards your goal that includes a detailed description of the ways in which you are going to acquire the necessary skills.

2. Stop being afraid

Yes, you will have a hard time. You do not need anyone in this cruel world, especially when you’re young and you have no name, no experience. However, this is not a reason to sit on the sofa and start to enjoy his grief. Most likely, you will be sent, not once. But, on the other hand, when you have nothing to lose, not so scary to hear a refusal. Be patient, prepare long and hard to hammer head on the wall, of course, if you really need this job.

3. Purchase experience

It is difficult to experience if you will not take the truth. However, it has not been canceled internships, volunteering and other unpaid work. Yes, money is not, however, be able to mention in summary about the experience of such activities. To run free with the purpose of obtaining necessary skills in any case are not ashamed. Moreover, your dedication and willingness to learn would be beneficial for the potential employer to you.

4. Write a cover letter

Don’t underestimate the importance of cover letters. The very fact of its existence testifies to the high level of your interest in this position. Competently and interestingly written letter can tell us about you and your abilities much more than the detailed summary. Please check spelling before sending.

5. Use your benefits

Think very carefully about what you’re really good, what makes you different from the masses of other applicants, and emphasize on this employer — as the cover letter and in the interview process. Do not exaggerate your abilities — it may be too risky, however, and excessive modesty in this matter will also be harmful.

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