How to get a girlfriend to be proud of your relationship

The relationship takes work, I don’t need to explain why? If you care about this girl, then you will be certainly pleased to do so, she proudly told all her friends about what you’re incredibly cool, instead of complaining that you have once again kicked the cat, came home late, and scattered around the house socks. And if the relationship will be simple and compromise, then you will be proud of! As how to get a girlfriend to be proud of your relationship, to make them better and kill two birds with one stone? Dude, I have to say to you that you might not like. The basis of good relationships, like everything else, can be called planning. How could you not say it was soulless and that planning kills your free spirit, the truth remains: the planning of all business solves and eliminates bad experiences in the spirit: «Why in the refrigerator no food, but only some salads?».

1. Plan combines nutrition and divide the housework, 11.09.2013, aSKgy0tliTJWXUk5eV8rJSKgzCqRrUNi

Cooking together is one of the most pleasant entertainment in the relationship. Entertainment, you say? What it could be entertainment, if it is routine? This saves time, money. Separate cooking for two «making better.» But this does not mean that if a girl is doing everything better than you, let that she is doing. Peel the vegetables and cut it up for meat, wash the crockery, and all the rest, that is, frying and cutting, leave on the conscience of the girl.

Oddly enough, but that there was dissatisfaction in the spirit «Again, nothing to eat, boys», you need to plan what you want to eat for dinner and other meals.

2. Make the holidays memorable, 11.09.2013, OVXOAcUD6uXWxS1oQogYgbdwF5CF8d4n

That would not tell anyone about the holidays, man, know that they are useful and bring you closer together. If done correctly. A holiday is a time of deep relaxation, a time when you can meet up with friends and family.

And here, too, it would be nice to have some kind of plan. Instead of surrender to chance, sit down and decide what you will do during the holidays. You need to plan quite seriously, almost every day, this will allow you to spend time usefully, not in pointless vacillation to and fro. It makes sense to come up with something like the tradition, for example, every New year to watch «Lord of the rings» immediately after going to the bath. No matter how small was not tradition, but the fact that it brings!

3. Learn how to plan skill, 11.09.2013, IdmRWYKTJGRXqldn86a2xfN0Zmo6AJNk

Learning the skill of planning and making the planning as part of your life is the key, no matter how corny it is said, to improving yourself. With planning, you go from passive to active state and get rid of laziness.

4. Open yourselves to each other, 11.09.2013, cUZXUGsx1AvjBqRQPbfhOuxTpAQLcEnW

Do not be shy to reveal to the friend of his weaknesses, so she will know that you trust her and you have her in a special position. And generally not the same as everything was before. And the girls appreciate stuff like that. Type in the spirit of the «Silent mysterious man» girls like me, but when you continue to play this role even after a long-term relationship, the girl is unlikely to enjoy. When you share with her a variety of experiences and reveal their weaknesses, fears and complexes, it begins to be sure that you feel for her true feelings.

5. Ask her what she needs right now, 11.09.2013, aE9EqEDLN659Mmq56YHN36jLP3WmBQyR

If you lack something, it is necessary to talk. Of course, it is necessary to distinguish normal conversation from running over the person with shout: «Sasha, let’s talk! With our relationship there is something wrong! I don’t like your soup, I don’t want to lose you!» A little confidence never hurts!

6. Adopt a pet and take care of him, 11.09.2013, HeEH8KtR6HA88zUcun1qUwpafwPImR9U

In General, this is a great opportunity to practice care for the girl. Nothing teaches you to be responsible, resistant to routine than animals and care about them. Dogs are the source of love, joy, stability and comfort if everything is done correctly. Daily walks with the dog will help you to be more resilient to scandals with the girl and other troubles.

7. Make a list of common goals, 11.09.2013, nhQSIko07BUOT0pGk3tY9yVOmSzagcdr

When you have a list of common objectives to which you must go, you have a constant reminder that they are still not done. Common purpose is also a great way to improve yourself, your relationship and your friend separately. Any person who has achieved something can say with certainty that there is something magical, if it is to paint on paper.

8. You pick up after yourself and your partner, 11.09.2013, BYZwk5dD71EGDSPhm8i2GbOXFoNjk6F7

The mess in the apartment, especially if part of it is generated by someone other than you, creates stress and imbalance in your psychological health and the environment. Before sleeping make it a habit to spend 10 minutes on a small cleaning, which consists in folding things on the spot; washing dishes; wiping the monitor. You can’t imagine how reduced the number of confusion and disorder in your house, when you spend a little time on some housekeeping. many men used to only remove, but remember the example with the dog, man, sometimes you just have to lighten up and do something for your neighbor. Not divide its dust and its dust, dust is dust.

9. Try to be kind more often than right, 11.09.2013, NHaoeMBOp78Bjl1cXhyOxgh17Wyr7Ne2

This is the basic kind of classic advice that always works. There are many cases when we want to insist on, show yourself full-m…mi only in order to satisfy their children’s desire to be a winner. In fact, it is better to retreat, because obtained such a price, the right is often detrimental to the relationship.

10. Joint training, 11.09.2013, HEqH1nHt4XH60MwtRbcvqtZYZkmVISbW

Benefits from training are almost limitless, so we’re talking about her as often as about the Threesome and about your ex.

Besides the obvious advantages that workout can improve your sleep, increase your energy and vitality, is even more obvious: you will look better! Second, you spend time together with the obvious benefits. You relieve stress and you look nice on your loved one in different ways. So do not neglect joint training.

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