How to generate brilliant ideas

manygoodtips.com_5.05.2015_RDEY0dq8Y0Q0FI can’t see you, dear reader, I don’t know you, but I suspect that you and I have one common, very voluminous and annoying problem. How many times have you complained, «Why this was not invented by me»? A thousand? Hundreds of thousands? No matter whether it concerns the simple things that brought its creators longed for the glory (sample Jizerske), or another popular Internet meme. The fact is that the idea will be your light head and into someone else’s head, what such happiness is not deserved. And then what to do, how to live with it? And in any way. Need to silently, stubbornly, until the pain in the teeth to develop his infamous creativity to reach another level of existence, and to begin to generate something brilliant. Without drugs. It is not our method.

1. Think brother, think

Stopped thinking – he died. In fact, it is impossible to teach, but it is possible to train the brain. You need to constantly think. Not to the point when the brain begins to boil from overload. No, it’s much more loyal. Just think, thoughts, podpitii your brain with new information and eagerly swallow all around you information. And not just sclateri in the depths of the subconscious, and analyze, try to imagine, what would you do directly.

2. Banal faith

Most importantly, believe in yourself and in what you’re able to give birth to the light of something brilliant. If you don’t identify yourself as a creative person, keep the touching to suffer from helplessness, because all of you so sorry.

3. Plan

There is one very good way to set yourself a plan coming up for week 7 ideas. The number can be absolutely anything. Want more! I want not less, but more. How many inventions invented during his productive life with such talented people as Thomas Edison and Leonardo Da Vinci! For example, Edison has patented, just think, 1 093 inventions. That’s not counting the ideas any unnecessary dermisa that visited his talented head. Well, when Leonardo the patent office was not, so the total number of inventions is not known. Someone is lucky to have a talented brain, which Willy-nilly creates masterpieces, and someone needs to train hard. But the price of such laborious, hard-won ideas, perhaps higher.

4. Learn to see meaning in meaningless

Here’s another exercise. Take any 10 random words that first come to mind, and assemble the proposal. And not just a suggestion, understandable, logical, adequate. Believe me, even with the words «matriarchy», «siropchika», «Batrutdinov» and «angina pectoris» can make an appropriate offer. How? But think about it!

5. Take notes

Write down all your ideas… a journal, a notebook, your smartphone or even in a specially designed apps like «wunderlist». First, it will keep the idea alive. How many times has this happened when a glorious idea, with a wave of his wing, and flew away in an unknown direction, leaving behind the difficult thoughts and attempts to recall what, in fact, that was the idea. Well, and secondly, you look to your ready-made list and was surprised to discover that some ideas are quite easy to implement, and moreover, they need humanity. Myself will admire: what a genius!

6. Try to play with words

Nowadays it is difficult to create something new, when the shelves are literally bursting with «unique», «revolutionary» products. And you try to figure out what you need. Do not create «revolutionary,» and say, «awesome», «furious» product. And proceeding from these words, create your own, full of «raisins» of creation.

7. Figure out what is and what

In General, try asking yourself, why do you need it? What is the problem you want to solve? Do you care about? And so on, question after question. Try to understand that you need people, which is important that you come, and what is not.

8. Train your brain

They say that all kinds of puzzles, charades and other amenities are well trained brain forced him to work twice as efficient and even think differently. Puzzles this is not for elementary school students. This is for you if can no longer think of something sensible.

9. Do not disturb!

Divide the ideas on the topics about as do the editors of our magazine. It is better not to mix «business ideas» with ideas on the topic: «How to seduce that wonderful girl from HR». Here’s another tip: for each item, leave only 10 ideas. It would help to take only the most necessary and important, and therefore potentially successful ideas.

10. Inspirational

Inspirational books and literature… and everything that impresses you, great to inspire for new achievements.

In General, it would be nice to have in your Arsenal a few books that might inspire you for new achievements. Do not underestimate the power of fiction. A good fiction. It gives a boost of thought that would be a sin not to use it.

What I would like to say at the end

Before you start to turn yourself into a machine for the production of ideas, remember one important thing: success will not come to you instantly. You may need 3 months, maybe six months. This is despite the intense training and the daily stress of regular SYSTEMATIC exercise. Here then is happiness.

Most importantly, don’t be greedy, share your ideas. Yes, sorry. But if you don’t know how to implement the plans, it is better to share. Someone wise said that half the ideas need to give for free, and the other half sell for very big money. Just don’t try to cash in on all your ideas. Otherwise, they’re worthless! Because you’ll be thinking about how to sell them, not about how to come up with something really worthwhile.

Some ideas will not bring you instant success. The «Google» that before 2001, the year did not bring the income. So don’t try to send careless, at first glance, the idea in the trash. As well as needed!

Oh, and finally, good luck to you!

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