How to follow the plan if there is no will power

If a person wants to achieve good results, it is unlikely that he thinks that the success will fall on his head just so. Everyone understands that we need to work hard to develop a system and stick to the plan. But what if you have no willpower to stay the course? In this case, it remains only one tool — independent education of willpower. It is difficult, frustrating and painful, but it will power will help you to realize your dream. We’re not talking images. It is better to give concrete advice that can be applied in practice. It is most useful.

1 Became goals that are realistic

One of the biggest mistakes people make in setting goals is the desire to achieve quick results. This often happens in sports and fitness. Not less often it occurs in your work and relationships. You can say that unrealistic goals do not exist, but the fuse you have will disappear as soon as you encounter the first obstacle. It is much better to divide a big goal into smaller components, the implementation of which will fuel your motivation. Thus, when you accomplish something small, you’ll get a good charge in order to continue to move forward. With this approach, life is much easier and work more productive.

2 Focus on a common goal, not on the job When it gets hard, don’t need to focus on the difficulties — it will kill your mood. Remember why you decided to take on such complexity. Treadmill shows it. Imagine that you’re running the seventh mile, gasping from the strain, sweat pouring down hail. You know what you need to run ten miles, but you think about the difficulties and strength begin to dry up. Instead of focusing on the difficulties, remember why you run — you wanted to get rid of belly fat. This is the ultimate goal of violence on his body. Remember this and we are sure that you run the desired distance.

This logic works everywhere. For example, if you suddenly want to write a book. You might not be given a specific page, a specific dialogue. You want to abandon your idea just because you can’t manage a poor page? Think about the end result do your job. Try to see the big picture and not just what is in front of your nose.

3 Break big goals into small, measure your progress obsessively

We have said that we should break large goals into smaller components. They really easier to work with. But that’s not all. Always fix accomplish each small goal. To do this, print out a large table and hang it on the wall. Mark with a marker every goal — your progress must be evident. And don’t trust tracking the progress of electronic devices is, of course, easier, but less effective. When the wall of your bedroom hangs a large table, then you will be much more difficult to ignore case. If you make a recording of each of the goal achieved its a habit, you will find a pleasant truth: every goal is achievable. 4 Love what you do the Perfect job doesn’t happen. There will always be something that you do not like. Always will be the person or the action to irritate you. It is a fact of life. But from it it becomes easier not, and to work hard to achieve goals, develop still needed. Therefore you should be able to cope with depression, disease, and people who disrupt your plans. Your business should be fun, and this feeling is easy to instill, especially if you strive for what you really want. If you enjoy the process you can’t, that’s a problem with your order — they are wrong.

5 That’s why before you look ahead

Every month, sums up his trip to the dream». What have you accomplished? You managed to fulfil the commitments assumed? What you got? What new challenges are in front of you? Who you helped and who hindered? Pay attention to every detail, to clearly understand the causes and consequences. This will help you to move on. You will also see, if we talk about hindsight is that even the bad events of life as a source of fuel in order to make important decisions. Don’t be afraid to make decisions that you expect from himself. The worst thing you can do with your life is stand still.

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