How to fold a shirt in less than 2 seconds, 26.06.2013, o51YA7enmBR760ndGC9iiBASxUEcbZNE

Hell, man, personally my girlfriend is constantly criticized for the fact that I don’t put a shirt on a hanger, and when you put the shirt in the closet, not make it beautiful. I’m trying to fold a shirt, but it still says that it is ugly, takes, che is doing with it, and it fits a little more nicely than I’ve put.

I asked a question of the conclusion of the shirt so that then was not painfully hurt for aimlessly spent time, and the shirt was very rumpled. And found on the Internet this video. Hell, the first few seconds seemed to me the installation, but today, when I come home and my shirt is already dry, I’ll definitely try to do so. Only do not forget to stroke her fine. Looks simple enough.

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