How to fold a pocket square

how to fold a pocket square

In the last ten years breast pocket of a jacket used to keep sunglasses, credit cards or even some change. Some do not even cut this pocket, when buying a new suit.

However, the men re-discover the art of folding a pocket square. It’s such a small accessory that added to the costume, it helps to Express yourself and to diversify your appearance — sometimes because they do not even need to buy a new suit to look new. Thanks lapel the shawl, you will look interesting, but no one will feel like you’re attached to this huge effort.


Story chest shawl is deeply rooted in Ancient Greece. Wealthy Greeks carried perfumed handkerchiefs in the V century. to ad English and French noblemen carried perfumed and embroidered hankies to protect his nose from the stench of the street and close the face from the passers-by.

In the early twentieth century a handsome man would not leave the house without a chest scarf, carefully composed and put into the breast pocket of his jacket. However, in the second half of the last century, pocket squares began to disappear from our lives, as well as the hats. It’s time to return them into circulation!


Don’t leave your suit naked. I have a friend who thinks that a suit without a handkerchief is a naked suit. He says the suit without a scarf looks incomplete. I agree. If you add to the suit a pocket square, he completes the way — and then your costume is really good. So the first advice on chest shawl is just wear it. It just looks good.

Mix and match your colors. A pocket square can be plain or patterned. The main point is to combine color with one of the colors of your tie — desirable, not essential. For example, if your tie is red item, a pocket square with red is perfect. However, do not match colors very precisely. It looks like you try very hard and God forbid you buy sets of tie and pocket handkerchief, which can be found in stores. Ideally, you should have a collection of pocket squares so that you have room to roam.

How to fold a pocket square

There are different ways to fold a pocket square. Some of them superprestige and others more complex. It all depends on taste. In this post we will tell you about three simple ways that everyone should know.

Straight bend

how to fold a pocket square

The straight fold is the easiest way to fold a breast pocket. In the end, you get a small square thing that looks out of your breast pocket. Here’s how to make it:

1. Put the handkerchief on a flat surface.

2. Fold it in half horizontally.

3. Fold it in half vertically, pulling the lower part of the upper, but if one edge is longer than the other.

4. Get a scarf width of your breast pocket, with tucked a bit horizontally.


how to fold a pocket square

If so folded the handkerchief from your breast pocket will seem like a small area. This is probably my favorite option. Here’s how to make it.

1. Put the handkerchief on a flat surface area, up and down, in the manner of a rhombus.

2. Pull bottom corner toward the top — you get a triangle.

3. Pull the left corner of the triangle to the right and right to left. As a result, you get a figure like the Board fence, pointed upwards.

4. Tighten the lower part to the design of the top, but not completely.

5. Put the resulting thing in the breast pocket of his jacket. Itself to determine how much area should stick out from the pocket.


how to fold a pocket square

This is probably the easiest way to fold a pocket square. It is advisable to make a small wave to the fabric which sticks out from his breast pocket. Here’s how to do it.

1. Put the handkerchief on a flat surface.

2. Sasieni the middle, so that there were creases.

3. With one hand hold the shawl, and the other gently gather the edges

4. Now gracefully gather up the bottom part of the handkerchief.

5. Put it in your pocket. Correct, until you reach the desired folds.

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